What a Sophisticate Wants (in a Relationship)

"To love is to be vulnerable" C. S. Lewis The Four Loves

You would never guess that a children's book titled 'Pickle Chiffon Pie' would be considered a fairytale or a love story yet, this book took on a very special meaning for me. 'Pickle Chiffon Pie' was the book that my Dad would read to me every night before I went to bed from the time I was 2 years old until I was old enough to read it myself. A fairytale of sorts, the story was based on the pie that was enjoyed by the King, Queen, and Princess that was the impetus for the love lesson.

The three chosen princes were put to the test to bring back 'the most wonderful, the most spectacular thing they could find in the forest'. The test had nothing to do with smarts or with muscle, it had to do with the character of each Prince. Prince Bernard brought nothing back to present to the Princess. The only thing he gave was his vulnerability. In the end, Prince Bernard was chosen because he was able to demonstrate the quality of his heart.

From what I've observed, people believe love has to do with actions or words.  Yet,  I'm comfortable and okay with being alone. I'm okay with being alone because I'm scared. I'm scared of my own feelings and emotions. My biggest fear is allowing myself to be vulnerable enough to feel something for another person and then they leave. If I feel or allow love to grow between another person, I'm not afraid of the pleasure, the happiness, or the fun. If I allow myself to feel something for another person or allow love to grow, I'm afraid of experiencing true sadness and pain. 

When it comes to relationships it doesn't matter whether another person brings you flowers, takes you to expensive restaurants or on nice vacations. It doesn't matter whether they buy you expensive gifts or not. Based on my experience and hearing story after story, love has nothing to do whether  someone is strong, smart, or poetic. Only the feelings and emotions of two people are enough to penetrate the obstacles that are placed along the way of true love. Love comes down to emotions and feelings. Love is that unexplainable and abstract thing that grows between two people. Without emotions or feelings relationships fail and true love is impossible.

Love has nothing to do with what is done or not done.
Love has everything to do with what is and what is not felt in the heart.

A Sophisticate doesn't have to know what she wants. No one really knows what they want in a serious relationship, in a marriage, or  in their ideal mate. All a Sophisticate has to know is herself and her feelings. In the end, a Sophisticate doesn't know what she wants until she comes across it one day or moment. ;D