Sophisticated Love Rule #3: Best Friends
"If you're not willing to sound stupid you don't deserve to be in love" from the movie "A Lot Like Love" (2005)

You start college. You are new and are meeting new people including new friends. You for m a group. You meet up in the student center, study, hang out on Friday and Saturday hanging out at bars, in the dorm rooms, etc. All of a sudden the person you met two years ago becomes the one person you can't imagine your life without.

"Love is friendship set on fire" Jeremy Taylor 

If you read or ask anyone who has been married over 30 years, they will tell you that their spouse is their best friend. And if you ask them why they are their best friend, the answer will always be the same 'because we enjoy each others company. We laugh a lot about the little things'. A couple that laughs together stays together. They laugh about those little things in life that add up to large amounts of time spent together.  

The same theory goes for knowing another person. Studies have shown that people marry those people who they have known for a long time. Why? Beyond chemistry, people who have known each other for a long time know those little insignificant, tiny, and random facts about one another. Those little facts that mean a big deal when being able to distinguish the difference between everyone else.

I've had someone who was my best friend and I've met someone who made me laugh. Unfortunately, they have yet to be one in the same person. When I met someone who made me laugh, I realized what I had been missing for so long. I couldn't believe that I had gone without laughter for so long. How could I have missed something so important? How could I have missed something that was so much fun and enjoyable? The problem was, that I had never had it, and never knew what I was missing.

Life is hard. Life is and can be easier going through it with someone else rather than alone. Life is even harder when you don't laugh or enjoy it. I believe that if it wasn't for my father making jokes my mother wouldn't have stayed alive with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer for so long. 

In general, people shouldn't be friends with anyone who is not positive,  optimistic, or who you don't have fun with so, then why would you date or even marry someone who isn't positive or optimistic or who you don't have fun with?

Sophisticated Dating Rule #3: Date people who make you laugh. Fall in love with your best friend.