A Sophisticate is a "Deb"utante

"Deb - Independent, Intelligent, Beautiful, Strong Minded, Easily Adapts in Different Situations, Is the Focus of Attention, Great Sense of Humor, Sassy, Loving Caregiver, Well Rounded Interests, The Girl Every Guy wants to be With, Super Sexy." From Urban Dictionary.com

A debutante is a young woman of an upper-class background who is presented to society. A debutante ball serves a small segment of our population and is an invitation-only event. In some cases, invitations are limited to specific numbersIn the 21st Century, a debutante ball is the perfect combination of being classy and sexy. 

Today, a "deb" has more than just enough knowledge to be able to properly wave her fan or knows the best way to curtsey. Etiquette is still important and highly regarded yet, in the 21st Century majors in Pre-Med, Psychology, and Business with career goals that include becoming a Doctor or Corporate Lawyer. A debutante dedicates endless hours and items of her own to charities. 

Unfortunately, the reputation of a debutante is one where she is considered to be part of a frivolous or snobbish society.  Of course, how much more of a frivolous or snobbish society do they belong to than the rest of us?

One of my all-time favorite books is 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen. The reason because it opened my eyes to the examination of whether someone having pride in themselves can be perceived as being prejudice towards others. We all have our own prejudice whether it be internal or external. A Sophisticate is never prejudice against the external appearance of others and if there is an internal prejudice against others, she rises above it. For a Sophisticate, her pride in herself does not make her prejudice towards other people. 

For a Sophisticate, whether she is wearing an exquisite dress for her debutante ball, her sweet sixteen, her quinceañera or any other formal and special occasion, she is radiant, beautiful, and accomplished. A Sophisticate in the 21st Century, whether she be a "Deb" or not, is radiant, beautiful, and accomplished because she just is, she just is herself. ;D!