Friends with Benefits
"It's not about who you want to spend Friday night with, it is who you want spend Saturday during the day with" from the movie 'Friends with Benefits' (2011)

I first heard the phrase 'friends with benefits' when I was coming home from a Sorority formal in college. The arrangement seemed ideal.  Friendship and sex. The best aspects of any relationship without any strings attached? No commitment, just fun?

The men I dated were the ones I had sex with and the relationship always had too much drama. Relationships  for me were more work than fun. I thought the whole 'friends with benefits' arrangement had much more potential than anything I had ever experienced to have fun. That is, until I experienced it.

Unfortunately, when I did enter into the 'friends with benefits' arrangement I believed that the friendship would lead to something more. I was wrong. Why? Because the 'friends with benefits' situation was not a situation where we were friends. We were never friends. 'Friends with benefits' was really one night stand with the same stranger over and over again. 

Sophistication in the 21st Century is about being true to yourself. When it comes to getting being involved in a 'friends with benefits' situation, a Sophisticate knows that the man she is with may never commit. She knows that the situation is more of a 'benefits' situation rather than one of being friends. Whenever sex is involved, a Sophisticate knows that there is a certain level of attachment that naturally occurs. The decision she has to make is whether she wants the level of attachment to be through friendship or through sex. ;D!