Sophisticated Love Rule #10: Dating in the Workplace
"Dating should be less about matching outward circumstances than meeting your inner necessity" Anonymous

A Sophisticate works hard and plays hard. Being that Sophisticate works hard, she spends most of her time at work.Working on teams and projects, or attending day long training classes she can spend days, weeks sometimes months getting know someone. Especially if she is single, there are opportunities for men to catch her eye.  

With the increase of women in the workplace over the past thirty years, woman working and working in business is normal in the 21st Century. Unless by choice, women work to earn money to help support their families. That means, that women come into contact and also compete with men. With that being the case, their daily interactions could develop into something more.

The benefit of dating someone from work is that you both have similar schedules. There time to get to know another person without being under the influence of alcohol thereby, you can become friends faster and easier. Another benefit is that you work as a team before you are a couple and have something in common.

Especially if you work in business, the disadvantage is that you are in competition. The competition and lack of trust between people is enormous. If you get to know each other, your faults could turn into something that could be used against you when you are in competition to get promoted or hired in another department. 

An advantage and disadvantage of working with someone is the fact that you see them or are able to see them everyday. When you work with someone you can be pleasantly be distracted so that you don't get your work done. As a negative, it can also cause issues if you break up especially if the other person is angry since retaliation that can affect your career is possible.

Sophistication in the 21st Century is being able to be yourself completely with another person. When dating, it's important to see a person for who they are, good and bad. A Sophisticate knows that dating someone at work can help her understand someone she is trying to get to know. In good times when she receives recognition, will the person she is dating be happy for her or jealous? During bad times when she gets angry or is stressed, does the person she is dating run away or accept that she is not perfect.

A Sophisticate doesn't date someone or have sex with someone in the workplace just to further her career. A Sophisticate is smart enough to further her own career with her intelligence and work ethic. A Sophisticate never has to pretend she is in love or attracted to another person to get ahead of the competition. 

A Sophisticate knows dating in the workplace in the 21st Century is considered appropriate and sophisticated so long as the relationship is for the right reasons. When dating in the workplace she follows the proper etiquette to ensure she doesn't ruin her career (See 'Sophisticated Etiquette: Dating in the Workplace'). 

Sophisticated Love Rule #10: Dating in the Workplace: A Sophisticate doesn't date someone just because they work together. In the end, a Sophisticate dates someone because it is their personality and concern for each other that work to make them happy together. ;D