Sophisticated Dating Stage #7: Breaking-up
"When you love someone, it's never over. You move on because you have to, but you bring him in your heart" Elizabeth Chandler

In the 21st Century, women have the same amount of stress and pressure that men have with everything that needs to get done at work and home. The level of stress and pressure does cause issues in relationships. The stress and pressure felt on a daily basis is certainly not the only factor in a relationship ending.

Here are only a few of the numerous reasons that people decide to break-up:

1 Schedules don't coincide with each one another
2 Different value system
3 Lack of respect towards one another
4 There may be a lack of attraction or chemistry 
5 You both may be in two places in your life regarding wants and needs

Whether a Sophisticate realizes it or not, there comes a point when her intuition tells her that the relationship is over. The moment she feels as if it's over, she needs time alone to think about the situation. Once she decides to tell a man it's over, it's over for good. 

For most people who have reached a certain level of affection, there is no going back. A Sophisticate knows breaking-up with someone is painful. When breaking up with someone she never tells the other person she wants to be friends. The phrase has been used so frequently that mo one really believes friendship is possible. If you can be friends after  being affectionate, it means that you were always friends and never anything more.

On the other hand, no matter how you view it, if a relationship can be repaired after a break-up that is something special. When two people saw each other's worst side and can miss each other so much they can't be without each other, it signifies a special relationship. More importantly, when both people regret leaving each other and are willing to forgive past wrongs, that means a relationship means more than previously imagined.

Sophisticated Stage #7: Breaking-up: A Sophisticate breaks-up with someone when the relationship no longer makes her happy. A Sophisticate breaks-up with someone when she realizes that personalities 'don't mix well' meaning the combination of values, personalities, and lifestyles don't fit. Like all of the other stages, rules, and lessons of dating she comes to the realization after careful consideration and communicates the fact to the other person. 

Instead of letting the relationship end naturally, cheating on the person she is with, or insulting the person until they leave, she faces the end of relationship no matter how painful or heartbreaking. For a Sophisticate there comes a point at the end of a relationship when she learns to let go and keep moving forward. ;D