Sophisticated Love Rule #7: Dating vs. Seeing
"Never close your lips to those whom you have opened your heart" Anonymous

A Sophisticate knows that being comfortable in a relationship is important. If you are not comfortable with another person you can't talk about what is important. In any relationship, mutual understanding is key, assumptions are dangerous, and communication is important. 

After a few years of being in a serious relationship with someone I re-emerged unaware of the types of relationships that existed and what they meant. As I got back into the dating scene I discovered what it meant to be 'friends with benefits' and the difference between 'seeing vs. dating'. My assumption was that dating was something that happened in the beginning of a relationship a.k.a. the first few dates and to 'see' someone implied something more serious. 

In reality, it is the opposite. Dating means  you are exclusive. When you are seeing someone you are seeing other people. Seeing comes before dating. Of course, to develop a mutual understanding of your relationship communication is important. 

In the 21st Century, below is a quick re-cap of the levels of exclusivity as you date or see someone:

Level 1: Friends with Benefits' - One night stand on a continual basis
Level 2: Seeing Someone' - Going on a date; Seeing other people
Level 3: Being Exclusive - Going on dates; Not seeing other people
Level 4: Dating- Continual dates for however long; Boyfriend/Girlfriend

The 21st Century has the added benefit of social media allowing for more confusion and potential relationship drama than ever before.  Below is a re-cap of the levels related to relationship status on Facebook.

Level 1: Friends with Benefits- Relationship Status: 'It's complicated'
Level 2: Seeing - Relationship Status: 'Single'
Level 3: Being exclusive- Relationship Status: 'Single' or 'It's complicated'
Level 4: Dating- Relationship Status: 'In a relationship'

No matter what stage a Sophisticate is in with someone, she always discusses  everything before anything happens or is updated on Facebook. Assumptions are bad when in any type of relationship. The more casual the relationship the more important it is that you discuss it with the other person. When dating or seeing someone, make sure to keep the lines of communication open. A Sophisticate knows that the right man is someone who is open to talking to you about what you are feeling or what you want so you both can come to a mutual understanding.   

Sophisticated Love Rule #7: Dating vs. Seeing: A Sophisticate makes sure to understands by communicating with the one she is either  dating or seeing. She  finds someone who will help her avoid complications and misunderstandings that could cause problems in the long run whether in a relationship or not. ;D