Sophisticated Love Rule #8: Be Organic

Chaulafanita Photography
"The worst part of life is waiting. The best part of life is having someone worth waiting for" Jessica Brumly

Several years ago, I was in a head on collision. As I saw another car heading towards me, I let go of the wheel and lifted both my legs off of the gas pedal and brake. The car was completely totaled and if I hadn't lifted my legs I would have lost both feet.

What saved me was my ability to let go. 

My personality is what they describe as 'Type A'. Although, I enjoy being organized I obsess over everything and every situation. One of my biggest flaws (out of many) is my need to feel in control of any situation. Due to my lack in trust in others, my biggest mistake has been trying to control where the relationship is headed.

What has ruined every relationship is my inability to let go.

In the 21st Century, a woman has endless opportunity and freedom to create her own destiny. She has no boundaries to what she can achieve yet, it is still a man's world. Therefore, Sophisticate still has let a man have control especially in relationships.

A Sophisticate knows the difference between a man taking control in a relationship and a man who is controlling. A Sophisticate allows a man to control the relationship rather than controlling her.

"Love is patient, love is kind." 1 Corinthians 13:4

When it comes to her career and education she is goal oriented. Yet, she knows the same attitude will ruin even the best relationship. A Sophisticate knows what she wants in a relationship but still allows a man to have control over where the relationship is going. Why? Because she wants a man instead of a boy.

Relationships are organic. They live and breathe like anything in nature. 

A relationship needs space  and time to grow. With nurture, kindness, patience, and the desire to give someone the freedom (See 'All a Sophisticate Wants (In Love)') they deserve,  good relationships develop over time. If a Sophisticate doesn't like how the relationship is developing she can always leave.  A Sophisticate doesn't ruin the natural balance of a relationship. She knows there is no way she can control a relationship. She knows that controlling a relationship will cause it to end and controlling a man will cause him to leave.

Sophisticated Love Rule #8: Be Organic: It's the people in a relationship that determines whether the relationship will succeed or not. In the end, the best relationships are the ones where both people let it go and let the relationship develop naturally... organically.