A Sophisticate and Labor Day

Eleanor Roosevelt
"One should never belittle the value of words... for they have a way of getting translated into fact, and therein lies hope for our universal declaration" Eleanor Roosevelt 

No matter what the United States has done wrong in the past the beauty of the United States is that everyone has the freedom to change their circumstances. Although, you may fortunate today that fortune could be just as easily gone tomorrow. 

If a Sophisticate lives in the United States, she knows that she has the freedom to be an individual, free to work to change her circumstances for the better, and take charge of her own fate.

The Central Labor Union adopted a Labor Day proposal in 1881 and appointed a committee to plan a demonstration and picnic. in 1882, the first Labor Day was observed in New York City under the guidance of the Central Labor Union.

The celebration and recognition of the labor movement continued years later in the form of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). From 1933 to 1945 the First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt believed that individuals had to accept personal responsibility and then act collectively to solve problems. She began to see this belief embodied in the labor movement, and she articulated this connection. 

Just as Lincoln orchestrated a team of political rivals, after Franklin Delano Roosevelt's death Eleanor Roosevelt guided a complex international team of philosopher's, lawyers, politicians, and diplomats to develop the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Under her guidance the UDHR, Article 23, declared that everyone without discrimination, has the right to a decent job, fair working conditions, a living wage, equal pay for work and the right to join a Union.*

"It's a sacrifice working day to day for little money just tips for pay; But it's worth it all just to hear them say that they care; She works hard for the money so better treat her right" Donna Summer from the song 'She Works Hard for the Money' 

A Sophisticate has the right to be treated and paid equally, if a Sophisticate feels as if she is not be treated equally or with respect she stands up for want she believes in and fights for what she knows is right. A Sophisticate knows that she has the freedom to change her circumstances. She receives only what she believes she deserves and what she is willing to work for... the best. 

Whether a Sophisticate has started her first job or you have been working for 50 years, whether she is part of a Union or not, works on a farm, works in retail, on the production floor, or in the office, Labor Day is for every and any Sophisticate who has ever worked a day in their life. For a Sophisticate, Labor Day is about appreciation and its about taking a vacation from working hard all year. ;D!

*Farrell, Brigid O., Restoring Workplace Democracy: Eleanor Roosevelt and Labor Law Reforms, J. Workplace Rights Vol.. 14 (13), 329-350.