A Sophisticate Learns to Cook

"The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking, you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude" Julia Child

My mother was the oldest of 12 children. When I turned 14 she told me that she was done cooking. Until then she had cooked good home cooked meals. Fortunately, I joined sports so I could keep the weight off.  Besides the occasional spaghetti and sausage dinner, I ate take-out food every night and was never taught or shown the joy of cooking. 

Growing up, my motivation was not to learn how to cook rather it was to do so well that I could afford to hire someone to cook for me. In my 20's living on my own there was no motivation for me to cook.  There was no one to enjoy what I decided to cook and there was no one special enough to make me want to cook a meal.

There came a time when a man went the extra mile and took the time to help me. His effort was more than I had ever received. At that moment, I decided I wanted to go the extra mile for him. (See The Golden Rule of Love: Lose YourselfBecause of him I realized I might not be alone forever. It was at that point  cooking become something important that I wanted to know how to do for the future. 

My six week cooking class started with knife skills and mincing. By the last class I learned how to make mashed potatoes just as silky as icing on a cake. The classes weren't about knowing how to make homemade chicken noodle soup, it was about having the confidence to make something delicious. What I learned is about creating something for the people you love the most. Cooking is about putting the love  and effort  into something for the people you love and are worth the effort.

Cooking is about the basics. Without the perfecting the basics, a Sophisticate can never hope to advance. A Sophisticate knows that an education that helps her become a success in life is not always in a classroom or in an office. Lessons that can help her be a success in life come right from her own home. A Sophisticate knows that cooking is not just learning how to prepare a meal, it is about not learning about how not to be afraid to fail. When a Sophisticate learns how to cook, she learns how to have the confidence and persistence in her efforts to make someone happy. 

In the end, a Sophisticate learns to cook because she has the confidence in herself and in her ability to create something from nothing for the people she loves.  ;D