Sophisticated Dating Stage #10: Love on Vacation True Love in Pictures
“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." Marcel Proust

As a relationship progresses, there is a feeling that a Sophisticate wants to travel and travel with the she is falling in love or starting to fall in love with to share an experience.

For a Sophisticate there is nothing like doubling the pleasure the experience of traveling then by sharing it with another person. There is nothing more comfortable and wonderful then traveling with the person you trust the most.

Traveling can be stressful and lonely. When traveling alone, a Sophisticate needs to be aware of her surroundings and ten steps ahead to stay safe. (A Sophisticate on Travel). When she is with another person, there is another set of eyes to help keep safe. For a Sophisticate and her boyfriend, there is strong hand to hold and a best friend (Sophisticated Love Rule#3: Best Friends) to talk to while waiting for a plane or driving to their destination.

Similar to when a couple buys a puppy to see how they would do with a child, if a couple is considering moving in with one another, a good idea is to take a trip. The idiosyncrasies of a person come out and are magnified when on travel. These idiosyncrasies might bring to the forefront any 'Pink flags' or 'Deal Breakers'. (Sophisticated Stage #5: Pink Flags; Sophisticated Love Rule #5: Deal Breakers).

For a Sophisticate the best part of traveling is the beautiful pink bubble she floats along in with the person she loves. When a Sophisticate travels with the one she loves, the whole world disappears. Wherever a Sophisticate is, Paris, Venice, Australia, California, the Grand Canyon, or even just out camping, it is just her and him. 

"Never go on trips with anyone you do not love" Ernest Hemingway

There is a certain level of dependency that exists when you travel with someone. Therefore, it is best to travel when you both the trust has progressed to the point where they can depend on one another without fear. An attraction must be exist between you (Sophisticated Love Lesson #9: Having an Attraction vs. Being Attracted) if it is an overnight trip. If there is no attraction, the   days traveling will seem long and a Sophisticate will be more prone to being annoyed by her partner over the little things (Love and Music: The Language of the Soul).

Sophisticated Dating Stage #10: Love on Vacation: When a Sophisticate knows there is a deep attraction, a level of trust, and knows she wants to move in with someone, a Sophisticate goes on vacation with the person with whom she is falling in love. ;D