A Sophisticate is a Mad Hatter

Photo by Getty Images | Alexandria LaNier
"Don't prioritize your schedule, schedule your priorities" Steven Covey

Years ago I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know a woman who was CFO for a Fortune 500 Company. She had it all a successful career,  a nice home, a loving husband, a son, and could cook a three course meal by herself. Her success did not come without plenty of hard-work and even failure. The piece of advice she shared about being able to have it all was simple "You can't be the same person at work and as you are at home. You have to utilize certain aspects of your personality for each situation and towards each person in your life. Those situations and people may change but they need to be prioritized to a  limited number." 

Since then, I've been fortunate to come into  contact with more and more women who had it all. Each woman provided the same advice. The key to success in achieving your goals was focus.

With the opportunities offered to a sophisticate in the 21st Century it is easy for a sophisticate to become unfocused. A sophisticate is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, business woman, teacher, mentor, student, philanthropist, fashion model, and more all in one day. With each role comes being responsible for results. 

Having to juggle all of who she has to be and accomplish can cause a sophisticate to go crazy or a little 'mad'. 

So, what is the key to success? How does a sophisticate have it all? She learns how to do it all. A sophisticate learns how to handle all she has to do in her life with prioritization and focus.  Each priority and area of focus are a separate imaginary hat that she wears.  She wears an imaginary hat for each role and each responsibility that she is in charge of executing. That hat brings out the certain aspects of her personality that help her be the best person she can be for each special person  in her life and for each task she is responsible for executing.

Although people expect her to be perfect (See 'Effortless Perfection') because she is human she is not perfect. Sometimes there are tasks that are dropped or there are people she disappoints. When that happens a sophisticate will take the time to re-learn, grow, lick her wounds, calm down, and rest. A sophisticate is resilient  and when she is ready she puts her imaginary hat back on. Once the hat goes on she becomes re-focused on what she needs to be for the people she loves and what she needs to do to accomplish her goals.

In the end, a sophisticate can go crazy wearing different imaginary hats and juggling situations to succeed in her professional and personal life. In the most successful and fashionable sense of the phrase, a sophisticate is a mad hatter ;D