Sophisticated Dating Stage #11: Engagement or Involvement?
"Love does not consist of gazing at each other,  but in looking at each other, but in looking together in the same direction" Antoine de Saint Exupery

When a man proposes to a sophisticate it is one of the most exciting and memorable moments in her life. The diamond he gives her sparkles in her eyes and shines in her heart. The proposal whether it be a grand or small gesture, the hope is that is it personal. The proposal should be special to the couple. 

Most women are so excited and flattered to have a proposal that they always except. A sophisticate accept only when she knows in her heart that she has made the right decision about the man she has been seeing (Two Most Important Decisions).

"Planning a wedding often overshadows planning a marriage" Ann Smith (10 Points You Must Review Before You Get Married)

If and when she does accept, her engagement period is a time for a sophisticate to plan a wedding and more importantly plan a marriage. (A Sophisticate Plans a Wedding) If not already discussed, this is a time when a couple talks about their goals as a couple 

Engagements are made to be broken. 

How do you know when you are merely involved rather being engaged? From experience, there are four specific signs 1- Whereas others are excited about planning their wedding you have no idea where to begin because you have no idea what kind of wedding you want 2- You notice your comments sound like you aren't looking forward to planning 3- You are somehow putting the planning or date off 4- After the excitement of the proposal wears off (it will wear off), you're not excited. You will find people telling you to relax but listen to your intuition.  You should not have any doubts during any phase of the engagement.

An engagement is to make sure that you are marrying the right person. 

The wedding dress, the bouquet, the reception  are the 'trappings' and the 'accents' of the engagement NOT the focus. The wedding planner profession exists so that couples can focus on more important aspects of the marriage and relationship.

How do you know when you are engaged rather than just involved? As a sophisticate plans her wedding she is amazed at the cost for one day. When a sophisticate focuses on the idea that she is marrying her best friend rather than focusing on what type of wedding dress she wants or the trappings then it is the right move for her to make.

Sophisticated Dating Stage #11: Engagement or Involvement?: Whether a sophisticate becomes engaged or is merely involved, a sophisticate loves or learns but never has any regrets. ;D