Sophisticated Love Lesson #11: A Holiday to Remember
"Holidays are about experiences and people, and tuning into what you feel like doing at that moment. Enjoy not having to look at a watch." Evelyn Glennie 

The holidays and relationships can be a special time. The first (and hopefully) not the last holiday you spend in a good relationship can be a magical time. Thanksgiving and Christmas or Hanukkah is a special time when family come together to celebrate. The question is 'Will that include the person you are seeing or not?" 

For a sophisticate, meeting the parents of the person you are dating can be intimidating. If a sophisticate is lucky enough she still has to face one of her gr in the form of spending time with the family of the man she is dating.

The first sign a relationship is getting serious is when a sophisticate meets his good friends. The first sign that a man is thinking about proposing marriage is when he wants her to meet his parents. Sometimes, the first time a sophisticate meets the parents of the man she is dating is during the holidays.

The holidays are the first time you are together as a couple and show that relationship to your friends and family. When you are happily exist in a good relationship you both live in a pink bubble separate from the rest of the world. During the holidays, you both exist in a shiny, sparkly, snowflake as the two of you bounce around stores shopping for family, friends, and maybe, even yourselves (Sophisticated Love Stage #11: Engagement or Involvement)

This happiness is why those who are single tend to become sad during the holidays. At the end of the year, there is a tendency to feel like a failure since you have finished the year with no one to show off to your family. Still, with all of the pressure of the holidays and being a couple, being single may be a blessing in disguise.

A sophisticate can't really fall in love with someone unless she knows who they are, their family or background, and more importantly, their traditions. Are they compatible with hers? Does the family make her feel like an outsider or does she belong?

The holidays bring out plenty of deal breakers. (Sophisticated Love Rule #5: Deal Breaker). One deal breaker is rudeness to  the family. Another is if the man criticizes a sophisticate in front of his or her  family. 

A definite sign a relationship is over (Sophisticated Dating Stage#7: Breaking-Up) is when you have started dating and you don't have any idea what type of gift you should give the person you are dating. Only if you have been married 30 years or more and have plenty of money where you both have more than you could ever want or need where not knowing what to give to each other is acceptable. 

How does a sophisticate know whether the person she is dating loves her? If she makes a fool of herself in front of his family and he smiles, he is definitely the one. A guy worth keeping loves a sophisticate without judgement. He stands by her side regardless of whether she makes a fool of herself or not.

Sophisticated Love Lesson #11: A Holiday to Remember: The holidays are a time when people can relax and be themselves. For a sophisticate in a relationship, the holidays are about discovering who you each of you are as people and as a couple. ;D