The Holidays and Sophistication

"... let each of us put in our share: loving kindness, warm hearts, and a stretched out hand of tolerance. All the shining gifts that make peace on earth" from the movie 'The Bishop's Wife' (1947)

The holiday season begins when Thanksgiving ends and involves the celebration Hanukkah,Christmas, and Kwanzaa. For some there is even Chrismukkah that combine the belief of two religions to create one. holidays are a special time of year with a Christmas Tree, candy canes, a dradle, a Menorah, Mistletoe, and wrapped gifts.  It is more importantly a time of hope and faith. It is a time to believe in miracles, have a childlike hope and excitement, to delight in the blessings bestowed on us, and finally, share all that we believe in and hope for with the ones we love. 

Our excitement grows with the anticipation of the Festival of Lights or Christmas Eve. The holidays are days when magic happens... when everything is perfect and the world stops for just a little while so that we can take the time to say or do what was previously left out. Of course, the holidays are merely the celebration and the spirit of the holidays are with us every day of the year IF we remember to look.

As a child growing up with Christmas, there was nothing compared to the anticipation of Santa Claus and waking up to find all of the gifts under the tree. I found more meaning and the same excitement giving to those who I love. The same holds true to being Sophisticated in the 21st Century. Sophistication is the rarest but most beautiful trait to have the gift of all that is good in all of us to others. 

Therefore, a Sophisticate during the holidays shops for special gifts for the people she loves or the ones that mean the most to her. She goes to parties dressed up very elegantly remembering to never have too much egg nog but not too much chocolate.

Also, a Sophisticate gives to her children or her loved ones gifts that she knows they will love. She does not give gift cards unless that is what is wanted rather always listens to those she loves to understand those items that are their heart's desire. A Sophisticate always makes sure that people who she loves know that she cares about them.

A Sophisticate knows that the holidays are all about giving and remembering.

The holidays go beyond Thanksgiving because we are not only telling or sharing in our thanks for the blessings we have received in our life but we are givingof ourselves to others through gifts to others and shared loving memories. 

The holidays are a time to remember loved ones and remember our faith. The holidays are are a time not matter what you celebrate or believe in when we re-learn the meaning of our faith thereby, restoring our hope in others and in the world for the rest of the year, if not forever. 

The spirit of the holidays includes love, forgiveness, charity, and warmth. The gifts that are given every day and celebrated during that time of the year after Thanksgiving and before the new year include but are not limited to the gifts of faith, hope, belief, kindness,love, and warm hearts. Those gifts of faith, hope, belief, kindness, love, and warm hearts are given to everyone each day and especially to the ones we love but are celebrated  during the holidays. In the 21st Century when it seems impossible that love, faith, and hope don't exist what better gifts could you give that could be more important or Sophisticated than that?! ;D