A Sophisticate Doesn't Compete

"Winners compare their achievements with their goals, while losers compare their achievements with those of other people" Nido Qubein

I was a better person after being in a Sorority than when I first joined. The reason wasn’t because of my two good friends that I’ve stayed friends with but  because of an important lesson I learned. Being in a Sorority taught me never to be jealous of another woman. My experience in a Sorority made me realize that boyfriends and men came and went but it was my sisters, my good friends who were the ones I knew were always going to be there for me.

Years later those lessons provided great training when I entered the business world. No matter what the situation, it is not good to give anyone the satisfaction of allowing you to fail. In fact, with our superior intelligence and relationship skills if we stuck together and promoted each other who knows what we could achieve together. Like a Lioness, she protects the pride and her pride in the process.

A Sophisticate must have focus. Her focus is the key to her success at work and at home. Being competitive only takes her focus away from what she has to do. By focusing on another person it keeps her from focusing on her own weaknesses for improvement and she does not grow as an individual because she is too busy comparing herself with another person.

Think about when you are driving on the road and what typically happens when you are too busy looking in the rear view mirror because you are worried that someone is going to hit you from behind? That's right. You end up crashing into the person in front of you.

A Sophisticate is confident and self-assured and understands that everyone has their own path to follow and their own definition of success. A Sophisticate knows that there is room for everyone to succeed in life and by promoting and helping others she looks just as smart, as successful, and just as good as the person she is promoting. A Sophisticate is too confident and busy with her own life and goals to be busy looking over her shoulder.

It is okay for a Sophisticate to compete when she is playing a team sport or running in a track relay with her teammates to win the game and the race. The appropriate rules of etiquette apply when the game ends but during the game a Sophisticate has no choice but to compete when playing sports.

The only other time a Sophisticate competes is when it comes to being the best for herself. For her it is being able to have the most self-confidence and self worth in herself, to achieve her own goals, and most importantly to achieve her own definition of success. A Sophisticate is beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. Therefore, a Sophisticate doesn't need to compete with anyone because no matter what she will always win. ;D