A Sophisticate in Winter

"While I relish our warm months, winter forms our character and brings out our best." Tom Allen 

Snow makes no sound as it lands on the ground. There is a certain level of peace as you look at the snow falling silently on the ground. Like a Sophisticate, the snow falls delicately and silently and yet, it has the potential to make a big impact.

The winter is when everything dies. Animals hibernate and rest up for the year. Hibernation is not an option, still the weather can give her the opportunity to rest indoors.

One of the best parts of winter is that it can be enjoyed from indoors as well as outdoors. The summertime is all about picnics and outdoor activities.  In the wintertime you can go skiing, snowboarding, or simply go out into your backyard to build a snowman. A Sophisticate knows there is nothing like reading on her nook or watching a good movie, near a fireplace, while drinking a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate, as the snow falls outside

As far as relationships go, there is nothing more fun than the ability to have snow fights and re-discover how to 'play'. Also, there is nothing more fun than snuggling and spending quality time with the person you most love. 

All of the activities in the winter lend themselves to a Sophisticate eating comfort food. That's okay. Although, winter is also the time to get ready for the  cute outfits worn in the spring and summer, a Sophisticate can indulge now and then all in moderation. (A Sophisticate Eats Junk Food)

Unlike the Summer weather where the heat drains a Sophisticate of her energy, the  chill in the air gives her rosy cheeks and a rosy outlook on life. The cold weather does not drain her energy but gives her more. In nature winter is when everything is dead  but for a Sophisticate it is when her  true spirit, is alive.  ;D