A Sophisticate watches Nashville

"Just cause I ain’t lived through same hand that was dealt to you don’t make me any less/ make any more of you." 'Undermine' from the TV Show Nashville

Everyone knows that a Sophisticate goes country, what everyone doesn't know where her country roots originate. One place where a Sophisticate understands what it means to be country is Nashville, Tennessee.

Not only do I like the Nashville because I used to live there but the story lines are such that they are relatable and of course, the music is every music lovers dream. When my last relationship ended, I knew that it was going to be awhile before I could listen to country music again. Every country music song reminded me of him. That is,  until I saw the first episode of Nashville. Suddenly, an absence from listening to country music was not an option. For me, it was if someone didn't want me to remain depressed. Nashville made my love of country music unceasing.

Claire Bown as Charlotte
Beyond the music, the storyline and the plot of the show revolves around three women Rayna,  the legend who 'Reigns' over the country music scene as a legend. There is Juliette the current country music star who is ambitious and confident. Finally, Charlotte who is innocent and kind. 

All three women are beautiful, talented, and strong. They are all powerful in their own way. The show shows women who are successful dealing with issues in their life, including their career and the men who love them.

The best part of the show are the relationships and how the women deal with them and the music behind their story. Like a true Sophisticate in the 21st Century, they deal with the ups and downs of their life with strength, charm, and grace. In the end, a Sophisticate watches Nashville because she is pure country ;D