Rule #1: iPhone Etiquette
"In our modern ages, when you call someone and can't find them you can be pretty sure they'll get the message. But if they don't call you back, it usually means they don't want to be found." From the 'Gossip Girl' episode 'Woman on the Verge' (Season 1, Episode 17).

An iPhone is where 21st Century Etiquette begins and ends. On an iPhone you have access to everything. Access to phone numbers, addresses, e-mail, Facebook, Facebook messenger, alarm clock, the actual phone, text message, video chat, internet browser, camera, music, and that doesn't even mention all of the other "Apps" a Sophisticate in the 21st Century has on her iPhone. 

In short, all forms of communication in a Sophisticate's life beyond her revolves around her iPhone. How does she communicate or get anything done? How does she get from Point A to Point B? Help her friends? Look anything up? Her iPhone.  There are iPhone etiquette tips out there but how is sophistication exemplified when a Sophisticate utilizes her iPhone for work and/or play?

General iPhone Sophisti-Etiqutte Tips:
  • While with a friend,  she keeps her iPhone on and on vibrate. She does not keep checking her iPhone. The only time she checks her iPhone is if  is waiting on her friend for anything
  • If a Sophisticate would like to keep her iPhone near her while with her friend she makes sure that her iPhone is flipped over so that the only face she sees is the face of her friend, not the face of her screen
  • While in a meeting at work, at the movies, at a party, or in a theater as in a play, a Sophisticate shuts off her iPhone completely as soon as the movie or play starts
  • If a Sophisticate is waiting for a call and she is out in public, she politely excuses herself and makes sure the phone call is short. She does not excuse herself to make a call
  • A Sophisticate does not text, tweet, call (unless on speaker), or e-mail while driving

iPhone Sophisti-Etiquette 'Work' Tips
  • A Sophisticate keeps her iPhone on at all times in case of emergency.
  • While at work, a Sophisticate keeps her iPhone on vibrate and keeps it hidden. She checks her iPhone only on breaks and during lunch
  • If she is listening to music she keeps the vibrate function on so that she is focused on the music and her job, nothing else
  • If a Sophisticate is waiting for a call and she is out in public, she politely excuses herself and makes sure the phone call is short. She does not excuse herself to make a call
iPhone Sophisti-Etiquette 'Hanging out with Friends' Tips:
  • A Sophisticate can Facebook on her iPhone or Tweet while hanging out with her friends. She can post pictures that are taken. The only etiquette rule is that a Sophisticate tells her friends before hand that she is  is posting pictures and tagging them to Facebook
  • If a Sophisticate is hanging out with more than two people at a get together, a Sophisticate never texts one friend.  If a Sophisticate doesn't text all of her friends, she doesn't text anyone
  • A Sophisticate does not talk, text, tweet, or facebook with her boyfriend or husband while with her friends unless there is an emergency or to let him know she will be late

iPhone Sophisiti-Etiquette Relationship Tips:

  • If a Sophisticate texts, calls, e-mails, and is on Facebook more than hearing from the guy she is dating, he may be only receiving the messages but not wanting them or wanting to return them
  • For important relationship discussions, a Sophisticate does not Facebook, Tweet, text, or e-mail. She makes a phone call
  • Texting in relationships is for when one or both of you are not in the position to call or are busy running errands
  • When you are out in public shopping or out to dinner the iPhone should not be out unless you both are looking  for  information to help your day or your time together more effective
  • When at home, the iPhone can be out only when you are calling. Business regarding scheduling bills on-line can be done in a separate took
  • The iPhone should be put away is when a Sophisticate is spending quality time  with her boyfriend or husband. A Sophisticate does not text her boyfriend or husband while sitting right next to each him
  • Instead of screaming information or any interaction from room to room with her boyfriend or husband is not appropriate. Texting is socially acceptable to be used in its' place
For a Sophisticate these etiquette rules apply to any smartphone whether it be an iPhone or not. In the end, general use, with friends, or in relationships, a Sophisticate makes sure to use her iPhone for positive purposes. The ability that the iPhone allows her to communicate with others is done with people she wants to communicate  with and build relationship. In the end, whether she is using her iPhone or not she is honest about about her communication with everyone. ;D