Sophisticate's Guide to 21st Century Etiquette
Everyone knows a Sophisticate has manners. In the 21st Century, how have her manners expanded? what are the new rules those expanded situations or circumstances she now encounters in the 21st Century?

Back in the 18th, 19th, and 20th Century for a Sophisticate Etiquette was about table manners and politeness in society. Now, in the 21st Century, your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ to name a few have become another representation of who a Sophisticate is in society. Beyond the politeness and manners associated with how a Sophisticate acts in public there is now a whole other element including what she posts on Social Media sites. 

In a century where nothing is private and average is boring, and the objective is to be different enough to stand out in a crowd, here is a quick guide for a Sophisticate on the rules of '21st Century Etiquette'. Look out for the 'Sophisti-Etiquette Tip' for each  rule of etiquette. ;D

Rule 5: 21st Century Relationship Texting Etiquette
     Sophisti- Etiquette Tip 1: Facebook Dating Etiquette
Sophisticate- Etiquette Tip 2: X-Files on Social Media

Rule 7: 21st Century Party Etiquette
       Sophisti-Etiquette Tip 1: Hosting a Party
       Sophisti-Etiquette Tip 2: Attending a Party

Rule 9: 21st Century Political Etiquette
      Sophisti- Etiquette Tip 2: Voting Etiquette

Rule 10: 21st Century Social Event Etiquette
      Sophisti-Etiquette Tip 1: Sweet Sixteen Etiquette
      Sophisti-Etiquettw Tip 2: Bah-Mitsvah Etiquette
      Sophisti-Etiquette Tip 3: Wedding Shower Etiquette
      Sophisti-Etiquette Tip 4: Wedding Ceremony Etiquette
      Sophisti-Etiquette Tip 5: Wedding Reception Etiquette
      Sophisti-Etiquette Tip 6: Baby Shower Etiquette

Rule 12: 21st Century Travel Etiquette
Rule 13: 21st Century Holiday Etiquette
Rule 14: 21st Century Funeral Etiquette

Rule 15: Networking Etiquette
Rule 16: Relationship Etiquette
Sophisti-Etiquette Tip 1: Friendship Etiquette
Sophisti-Etiquette Tip 2: Dating Etiquette
Sophisti-Etiquette Tip 3: Engagement Etiquette

Rule 17: Entrepreneur Etiquette


Rule  18: Starbucks Etiquette