A Sophisticate and AMC Photography

AMC Photography
"Life is like photography. We develop from the negatives" Philadelphia Photo Arts

Every woman, especially a sophisticated woman, likes to feel as if she is the center of attention. 

For a sophisticate there is nothing so exhilarating as feeling as if for a few moments life and the world around her has stopped just for her. Having her picture taken is one of those few moments where a sophisticate can feel important. Of course, those feelings of importance do not come without the person who is important, the photographer.  

A truly good photographer is an artist. Their artistry is the subject who they are capturing. Fashion is living and breathing artwork that is captured each day by the person wearing an outfit. Photography and the photographer themselves, captures the essence of the inner and outer beauty of the subject who has chosen to pose for them.  

When I first met Ann Marie Casey it was at an event at Waterworks restaurant for a Femfessionals networking event. From that moment on, I knew she was a 'kindred spirit'. Friendly, funny, interesting, and inspiring I spent so much time talking with her I almost forgot to meet other people. A true kindred spirit, here yet was another woman who provided me with an example of courage.

Who is Ann Marie Casey

Ann Marie Casey 
Ann Marie Casey the Owner and principal photographer of AMC Photography, is a honors graduate of the Arts Institute of Philadelphia. She has worked with renowned photographers from Philadelphia to New York City from fashion, portraiture, and designer wedding studios. Having a Bachelor's Degree in photography and possessing a unique  ability to capture life's most exquisite moments makes Ann Marie one of Philadelphia's most imaginative, creative, and artistic enterprises. Ann Marie is a member of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) as well as Wedding Portrait Photographers International (WPPI). Her work has appeared in renowned publications including Decibel and Dance Style Magazine. Ann Marie has worked with clients in the metro regions of Philadelphia, New York, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Washington D.C., and abroad destinations taking her photographs to the next level of artistic creation. 

Link to Ann Marie Casey Biography: http://annmariecasey.com/about.html 

Sophisticate in the Suburbs

When it was time to start my new part-time business and get photos taken, there was no doubt who I wanted to help me update my image. There was no better photography business that represented a sophisticate in the suburbs than Ann Marie Casey Photography in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. 

AMC Photography

As a subject for her, she helped captured the strength of my features and personality through her photography. Throughout the photo shoot, it was familiar, not intimidating, and very relaxed. Those feelings were important since  how you feel is what the camera will reflect when the pictures have been taken.

AMC Photography
As we worked together, there was no shortness of laughter. Awkward and unfamiliar with how to pose to get the best shot of a picture, Ann Marie Casey helped me understand what poses would work the best.  

Unlike other photographers who only care about their business, Ann Marie  was kind and patient with me  caring about the subject instead of the actual photo. When a sophisticate get's her picture taken for a few brief moments, a Sophisticate will feel as if she is the center of attention. 

In the end, it is a true sophisticate like Ann Marie Casey who will make those moments of feeling important a reality. ;D