A Sophisticate Celebrates Easter

"Easter is very important to me, it's a second chance" Reba McEntire 

Coloring eggs, waiting for the  Easter Bunny,    your most perfect sunday dress. church service, and of course dinner with your family. Those are just a few elements of the Easter holiday. 

Beyond those traditions, what does Easter really mean? If you are a Christian it means a great deal more. Easter is when Jesus Christ sacrificed his life so that we could have the promise of a better tomorrow. Before Jesus died on the cross, there was no hope that we could ever be forgiven. 

At the end of her life, my Aunt Maggie had no fear of death. While she was in the hospice she talked about how she was looking forward to serving and drinking tea with my grandfather who had died several years ago. Her hope in a time with a loved one is the gift that Jesus Christ gave to us all. 

For a Sophisticate, Easter is symbolic of a second chance. 

A Sophisticate forgives and her example of what forgiveness is was provided by Jesus Christ during the time of his sacrifice. Forgiveness and hope when all is dead and seemingly lost, was what was given to a Sophisticate when Jesus was discovered gone from his tomb. 

A Sophisticate can die without fear (A Sophisticate has No Fear) and  with  hope (A Sophisticate has Hope).

A Sophisticate celebrates the holiday with her family not just because she enjoys dressing up in her Sunday best or coloring eggs. She celebrates because she appreciates being alive and all the love in her life. In the end, a Sophisticate celebrates Easter because she forgives, because she has hope, and more importantly because she believes in life even after death. ;D