A Sophisticate get's an Education

A Sophisticate is stylish and always tries to look her be best no matter where she is and what she does and that includes the classroom.In the 21st Century being sophisticated and stylish includes studying and going 'Back to School'. Part of being stylish and sophisticated in the new millennium is  being smart having a good work ethic. Sophistication IS being both book smart and street smart. 

No longer does looking beautiful and being a damsel in distress help a woman find and get a man most especially the right man. 

Being helpless and need guarantee that she will succeed financially. Working hard, being independent, and being smart allows a woman to be successful in society and beautiful in another person’s eyes. Now men DO make passes at girls who wear glasses.

The key to success for a woman or anyone in the 21st Century is education. Knowledge is power. Education gained in school and from experience is vital to be able to stay competitive in today's fast paced, technological savvy society. Education is the key that will get a Sophisticate in the door to compete and once there her life experiences will help her win and succeed.

When I was little my Dad would read to me before I went to bed every night. One night I told my dad that my goal was to be able to read to him someday. Around the same time, I began watching a show called ‘Reading Rainbow’ with LeVar Burton. The show fueled my love of reading from the moment it started since it illustrated how when you opened a book, it opened a whole new world. Reading opens and introduces you to new worlds without you having to leave your room. As an only child who moved around a lot and had to spend time alone occasionally reading became my escape to worlds and situations that I could only dream of or imagine. For example when I read ‘Charlotte’s Web’ I was transported from living in the city to a farm in the country.

As I grew up and started school, there was nothing more exciting than the start of a new school year. It was a time for a new beginning. Any past mistakes had been worn away by the summer and the slate could be wiped clean with a blank spiral notebook. I did not have a lot of money growing up as a child so, my choices for new clothing were limited. So, shopping for a new backpack, new folders, and binders (in the 80’s there were Trapper Keepers) was a way for me to be able to express and re-invent my myself and my identity. Therefore, I looked forward to the start of school every year. 

Although the budget for new clothing and toys were limited it seemed to me that when it came to school supplies I was free to choose and get whatever I wanted therefore, no matter what I seemed to always look forward to the new school year.                                                                                                                                 

For a Sophisticate, both reading and education fuels her imagination (See A Sophisticate in Wonderland) and creates possibilities in her own life through ideas that can become her reality. Reading helps her understands the truths of life by reading fact and fiction. Education helps her to learn vital skills such as math, science, and history. As the saying goes 'If we don't know history we are doomed to repeat it'. 

As we know a Sophisticate is not perfect (See Effortless Perfection). She makes mistakes but learns from them, and quickly moves on without forgetting the lesson she learned for the next time she is in the same or in a similar situation. In the end, a Sophisticate understands that the key to becoming successful in the 21st Century for her and her family is through education.