Rule 3b: Twitter Etiquette
“Twitter lets me hear from a lot of people in a very short period of time.” Robert Scoble, blogger 

For a Sophisticate, etiquette on Twitter is no different than in any other social medium whether it be online or not. The words 'Thank you' and sincere appreciation are utilized and no one is ever forgotten. A Sophisticate follows all of the essential standard rules of Twitter and beyond. 

One might say her tweets are 'Sophisti-Tweets'. On Twitter, her 'Sophisti-Tweets' are usually noticed by more than just her followers especially, if she has her settings to 'Public'.

1- Show Appreciation
  • Give a 'Shout-Out' and mention all of your new followers
  • Follow all of your followers
2- Communicate
  • Respond to your followers questions
  • If you like a particular tweet 'Re-tweet' let them know
  • Keep dialogue going as long as possible without boring your audience
  • When responding to a tweet with a person from another country, respond, retweet in their language. With the tools available online it's respectful and shows appreciation 
Twitter is about making new friends, Facebook is about re-connecting with old ones.

3- Brevity
  • Keep your tweets short
  • Keep your tweets positive 
The best part of Twitter is sharing the maximum amount of information in as short as time as possible.

4- Subject Matter
  • Keep anything you post as websites relevant to you and your brand
  • Pictures posted should be mainly from Instagram 
    •  Provide personalization
    •  Create ways to increase your social media prescence
  • Don't just Tweet 'Pins' - Be original
  • You don't have to be funny. Funny could equal offensive
  • Unless you are Tweeting specifically to friends (with mentions) to schedule plans restrain from Tweeting where you are and what you are doing (Who cares?)
  • Be political. Others may not share your views and they may come back to haunt you later on
A Sophisticate keeps her Tweets relevant and personal. The main goal of Twitter (and anything social online or not) is to connect with other people.

As with most social media, it is all about brevity and keeping everything positive. In the end, a Sophisticate on Twitter knows it's not about the quantity of Tweets but quality of the Tweets themselves that make the difference to her follows and the public at large. ;D