'Sophisti' Etiquette Tip: 1: Re-tweet or not?

"Re-tweet means to 'Return the favor'" 

For a Sophisticate, etiquette is etiquette  regardless of whether it is at a party or for social media purposes. When a Sophisticate is on Twitter, one of the many ways to show appreciation is to 'Re-tweet' 

'Re-tweet' means to respond. For a Sophisticate it means to 'return the favor'. When does a Sophisticate 'Re-tweet'? She asks herself these three questions when she is trying to figure out when to 'Re-tweet':

1- Do I see a quote I like and would like to share?
2- Do I see an article that I like to share?
3- Am I grateful for a mention?

When asking these questions she remembers her guidelines for her posts (Rule 3b. Twitter Etiquette). In the end, she doesn't just 'Re-tweet' everything. It's all about quality not about quantity. ;D