A Sophisticate at Cafe Lift


Sometimes a Sophisticate need to get out of the suburbs.  She needs to find a place that has great food and an atmosphere that allows her to be herself. Who is she? Creative, relaxed, and someone with excellent taste. 

Cafe Lift
A Sophisticate has excellent taste in clothes, men, and in restaurants. How does she know a good restaurant?  When she can smell how great the food is before she walks in to eat. 

As I arrived to  Cafe Lift the smell was so good that was ready to eat as soon as I walked in. When I asked the person I was with what was good on the menu they said everything was good. They were right. There is no need to give a recommendation of what is best on the menu because it is all delicious and reasonably priced for the quality of the food.

Cafe Lift is found at 428 N 13th Street in Philadelphia near the 'The Barnes Foundation' Museum. 
Cafe Lift

The food and the service doesn't disappoint. The people working there were polite and fast. More times than not I usually never finish my meal. Looking at the food in front of me I knew that I would eat everything on my plate.

Cafe Lift is only open for brunch and lunch. There is no reason to be open for dinner. The food for brunch and lunch is so good, a Sophisticate is satisfied for the evening. 

The restaurant is smaller and there is a wait time due to it's popularity. The wait time goes by in a flash due to the comfort it provides while you wait and the efficient service that allows for the wait time to go by quickly. 

In the end, when a Sophisticate leaves the suburbs she goes to Cafe Lift for  brunch or lunch. Cafe Lift 'lifts' more then just the spirits of a Sophisticate.Cafe Lift sets the standard for higher quality meals that cannot be replicated anywhere else.;D