A Sophisticate Starts a New Business

"A Sophisticate doesn't go outside of the box. She creates her own that shines from the inside out"

Regardless of whether I'm a good writer or not, I have enjoyed blogging over the past few years. Ever since I was little I loved looking a blank page of paper. When I would look at a blank piece of paper all I could see were the possibilities. All I could do was the imagine the possibilities of what could be written.

After belonging to Femfessionals (A Sophisticate is a Femfessional) I was inspired by all of the women who took the risk of starting their own company and were a success. All of a sudden I began to see a blank piece of paper and I began to imagine the possibilities. With the help of mentors in the Femfessional organization,  I discovered my future.

My imagination took me to a company full of bloggers like me. People who love to write where they can create  rather than advertise or edit. A blogger has the ability to create, as well as edit, advertise, promote, and more importantly connect with potential clients.

"Why find a part time job when you can just create one?"

A blogging business combines a public relations firm, an advertising agency, and a publishing company combined. Until print is obsolete there are people who own businesses who may not like to write. With the knowledge that a blog provides  a more personal vehicle to your clients, why not hire a person who knows the computer and loves to write?

"Sophisticate in the Suburbs is more than just 'Sex in the City' or 'Breakfast at Tiffany's', it is about you and your life"

Imagine your name associated with Sophistication in the 21st Century. With the success of my blog comes the success of your blog and your company as well. Not just that but with posts on my Facebook and Twitter page your company will have even more visibility and fans. So far, my clients include Kathy Hydier-Straub a Weihert Realtors Real Estate Agent, Bleu Mousse Salon, and Maura Markley of M2 Yoga Productions

In the end, when looking to promote, advertise, and connect with your clients the question you should ask yourself is 'Are YOU Sophisticated' ;D