Etiquette Tip 1: To Friend or Not to Friend?
When I first got on Facebook, I didn't pro-actively 'friend' people on Facebook. My thought was that if people wanted to know about my life or connect they would send me a friend request. I would always friend the people I knew and not accept any request from people I didn't. Coupled with the feeling of not wanting to impose myself on other people and the fear of rejection,  I didn't pro-actively request anyone to be friends.

Once I had realized that Facebook was a lot safer than 'MySpace' and saw good friends from the past I began to pro-actively 'friend' people. All of sudden I was able to connect to those friends from the past and present to create a future and continue bonds that never would have existed without Facebook.

When does a Sophisticate 'friend' someone on Facebook?
When she is able to understand why she wants someone to be her friend.

Before a Sophisticate hits 'Accept' or 'Request Friend' she asks herself the following questions:

Why do I want to see this person's pictures?
Why do I care about this person's status updates?
Why would I want this person to see my status updates and pictures?
Can I trust them viewing my pictures?

On another level to avoid stalkers or 'spam' other questions a Sophisticate might ask before 'friending' or 'Accepting' a friend request would include: 

Have you met the person? 
Do we have mutual friends? 

A Sophisticate never posts anything inappropriate and tries to be positive online. The most important part about being 'friends' online is that you trust them enough to view what you post. Everything a Sophisticate posts online is what she chooses for people to see and understand about her.

In the end, the appropriate time for a Sophisticate to know when to 'friend' someone on Facebook is when she knows the reasons why she wants to be friends with them. ;D