A Sophisticate Get's Sick

"If you haven't got your health, then you haven't got anything" from the movie 'The Princess Bride' (1987)

When I was traveling for business years ago getting sick was not an option. Being sick on a plane and feeling that miserable was something I wanted to avoid. 

For two and half years, I didn't get so much as a stuffy nose. A Sophisticate knows that getting sick and being sick is all in a person's mind.

My mother taught me how to be strong and independent especially when I get sick. Living on my own, my mother couldn't take care of me like when I was little. Everyone knows that there is nothing worse or more miserable than being sick.  From how my mother took care of me when I was little, I learned how a Sophisticate with a cold or the flu could start feeling better in as quickly as three days.

First day: A Sophisticate goes to the Doctor and attempts to get antibiotics. Then, she goes to the store to stock up on orange juice, tissues, vitamins, and soup preferably chicken noodle soup. With antibiotics she might have the energy to clean the house. Regardless she takes a shower, disinfects and cleans everything. The key for the first day is to remove all of the germs around her that may have gotten her sick. She wipes off the bathroom and kitchen sinks to remove any germs, cleans the dishes, and does her laundry. By 3 PM a Sophisticate is in her bed with clean sheets and clean pajamas ready for bed. 

Second day: Rest, drinking fluids (including tea, water, and orange juice), she takes all of her vitamins, and utilizes her dehumidifier with vapor rub. The key for her on the second is to kill whatever germs are in her body. She takes her vitamins and doesn't leave her bed all day. She tries to eat all day her body needs the energy to fight the germs. She focuses primarily on salty foods so that it will cause her to hydrate as much as possible.

The second day is essential. The second day determines how long a Sophisticate will be sick. A Sophisticate knows that if she over exerts herself on the second day or doesn't have enough Vitamin C, she will relapse and not feel better on the third day. 

Third day: She sleeps late. She also goes outside for fresh air. The idea is not for her to run a marathon but to get fresh air. Then, she cleans again. Everything she touched the second day needs to be wiped down. Finally, she takes a shower, does her laundry again, and by 3 PM a Sophisticate is back in her bed with clean sheets and pajamas ready to sleep.

If she is still sick, she goes back to what she did on the second day. 

In the end, a Sophisticate is sick until she makes up her mind that she wants to be well again. ;D