Rule #4: 21st Century Relationship Etiquette
"The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion it has taken place" George Bernard Shaw 

As if relationships weren't hard enough, the 21st Century is filled with more methods to communicate than previously ever existed.  

Regardless of whether you have a relationship at work (Love Rule #10: Dating in the Workplace) or at home, the same guidelines apply.

"True love is not how you forgive but it's how you forget, not what you see but what you feel, and not how you let go but how you hold on" Anonymous

Believe: Be optimistic. Always give the other benefit of the doubt. Believe they are good person and they love you first until otherwise proven wrong. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Even if you are scared, remember believing is being. 

Let go: When a Sophisticate is mad, she doesn't play games. Games are for children. She states her position and let's it go. Most people figure out what they did wrong or what they said was hurtful without being told. Anger empties the 'emotional bank account' of a relationship. Losing someone special in her life is not a risk a Sophisticate attempts. Still, for a Sophisticate it is never bad for her to over communicate and let them know that she is hurt without getting angry.

'Like' vs. 'Love': Never insult (Love Lesson 4: The Fight). The key to the most successful relationships is 'like' not 'love'. To be attracted (Love Lesson #9: Attracted vs. Attraction) or to believe that one is in love is easy but does a Sophisticate like the other person?

"Never close your lips to those whom you have already opened your heart" Charles Dickens

Carpe Diem: Life is short. If a Sophisticate loves the other person or care about them she tells them. With the numerous methodologies available to her, there is no excuse for her not to tell another person how much they mean to her.

In the end, the most important rule of etiquette in the 21st Century when it comes to relationships in the 21st Century is that in the right relationship nothing is ever wrong. If a Sophisticate does something wrong in relationship then she is in the wrong relationship. ;D