Sophisti- Etiquette Tip #2: De-friending
When a Sophisticate first gets on Facebook, the excitement of 'friending' someone can be addicting. She wants to 'friend' everyone who she has ever known or met as if having more 'friends' on Facebook means that she is popular or well liked. 

She soon finds out that accepting someone as a  'friend' on Facebook is more than just clicking a button. Soon she is invited into another person's life. She knows when their are eating dinner or out at a restaurant and she sees pictures of their family and friends. Is this too much information? Does she care about what she is seeing or reading on her 'News Feed'?

A Sophisticate knows when to 'friend' someone on Facebook (Sophisti-Etiquette Tip #1: To Friend or Not to Friend?). As in life, she chooses her 'friends' carefully.  When it comes to determining whether or not to eliminate a friend on Facebook she is careful. She un`derstands that due to the importance of  Facebook and online social media, 'de-friending' someone requires the proper etiquette. To 'de-friend' someone could ruin the face-to-face relationship or daily interaction with another person.

The proper etiquette or proper way for a Sophisticate to de-friend someone is for her is to do nothing at all. If she is not interested in certain people's 'News Feed' she sets her privacy settings so that she doesn't see the other person's status updates or pictures.

In the past, I've found the people who you are 'friends' with who aren't close eventually leave anyway. There is no need for a Sophisticate to do anything that might offend or ruin a relationship outside of her social media circles.

Similar to life, regarding the friendships in her life, the decision to whether a Sophisticate wants to have people in her life or not is not always up to her.In the end, a Sophisticate doesn't de-friend others. She allows other people to choose whether they want to be part of her life online or not. ;D