A Sophisticate Falls in Love

"You don't look for love; Love looks for you." Sophisticate In the Suburbs™

What is Love? An age old question that some poets and writers spend their whole lives trying to answer. Unfortunately, love is answerable. Love is expressed rather than explained. Love is a reaction. Love is simply what is right from all that goes wrong in past relationships. (Sophisticated Love Lessons)

Love is not a word. Love is alive.
Love is what makes a Sophisticate feel alive

A Sophisticate lives her life, makes her own path, and decisions. Love is an accident. Love is a subtle shift that is barely noticeable yet, immediately recognizable. Love is not a journey, it is not a crossroads, and it is not a destination. A Sophisticate does not  decide on or search for love. 

"Love happens quickly and sinks in later." Sophisticate In the Suburbs™

A Sophisticate looks at someone on her life's journey and something happens. Something she feels is deeper than she ever felt before and all she knows is that it feels good and right not wrong.  Love is the food and the warmth from the sun that suddenly arrives that allows her to keep going on her journey.

"Love is not what you hope for; Love is a certainty that is revealed to you." Sophisticate In the Suburbs™

Love is selfish. Love is about all that a Sophisticate is good within herself knowing she is imperfect (A Sophisticate is Imperfect). Love is what is discovered after being given attention, care, concern, and freedom. Why is love seeing an imperfect person perfectly? Love at the core is about being given one of the most cherished gifts of them all, acceptance.

"Love is not a dream; Love is reality that sets you free." Sophisticate In the Suburbs™

What is love but security? Feeling safe. The ability to have no fear.  There is no fear of being vulnerable or expressing her feelings. A Sophisticate has no fear of letting go of herself (The Golden Rule of Love: Lose Yourself). There is no fear of him calling back or seeing him. No fear of appearing stupid. No fear of him leaving or cheating.  

In the 21st Century, with the increased level of freedom for a woman there are more opportunities for situations to go wrong. Therefore, for a Sophisticate in the 21st Century love is experiencing feelings of safety and complete trust. 

"Love is forever with no time limit."

When a Sophisticate is not love and she is with another person a Sophisticate feels alone. When a Sophisticate is in love, she doesn't feel alone anymore. Although,she may be physically alone and without him, he is always there somehow (A Sophisticate Enjoys Being Alone). A Sophisticate has patience since there is plenty of time to see and be with him. 

A Sophisticate falls in love because she has no choice. In the end, a Sophisticate falls in love because her feelings are more than what she could express in words or actions except to the person she has fallen in love with. ;D