Rule #6: 21st Century Fashion Etiquette
"Etiquette is respect for people. Fashion etiquette is respect for the situation."

Sophistication in the 21st Century is about the beauty of the person's heart not the beauty of a person's outfit. Even if a Sophisticate is wearing rags she is still appropriate.  

When I was younger, I saw a woman from a distance with expensive jewelry and what I considered a gorgeous outfit. As she approached me I could hear what she was saying and it was horrible. She was rude, complaining, and her comments were disrespectful towards others. My viewpoint instantly changed. Her beautiful jewelry and clothes disappeared and all I could think about was how hideous she appeared to be to me. 

My definition of Sophistication is not about wearing an expensive outfit. For me, Sophistication applied to what is shown on the outside is what is referred to as being classy. Etiquette is about having respect for other people. Fashion etiquette is about having respect for the situation and the circumstance a Sophisticate finds herself. 

"A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes." Vera Wang

A Sophisticate is classy because she dresses appropriately and comfortably to her own personal unique style. The attractiveness of a Sophisticate has nothing to do with the clothes she wears. (A Sophisticate is Smart, Sexy, and Sophisticated)

As society becomes more casual, what is considered classy?

In the end 21st Century a Sophisticate can wear whatever she wants pants, shorts, skirts, and flip flops (Flip Flops: Sophisticated or Not?). Nothing restricts her freedom to feel comfortable in what ever style reflects who she is (Your Personal Style). Below are a few tips that are simple standard guidelines for any true Sophisticate.

"Classy is about what is on the outside. Sophistication is what is on the inside"

Sophisticated Fashion Etiquette Tip #1: Less is more- Showing LESS creates MORE mystery. It allows MORE room for the imagination to grow, in a good way. 

Sophisticated Fashion Etiquette Tip #2: "When in Rome..." - It's okay to follow the crowd when you go out with your friends.

Sophisticated Fashion Etiquette Tip #3: The new casual 'classy'- In the 21st Century, jeans are considered classy. For a Sophisticate at work casual Friday's mean wearing jeans like everyone else.