A Sophisticate and FACE Africa

Saran Kaba Jones
"There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something better tomorrow." Saran Kaba Jones

My Great-Grandmother taught me what I believe Sophistication means in the 21st Century. For me, to be sophisticated is not about wearing designer clothes expensive jewelry. It is about what is inside of a person's heart rather that is what is found on the outside. It is about giving versus receiving. The quality of one's heart is more important than the quality of her clothes. Still, it is the ability class, polish, and more importantly manners that allow her to be accepted anywhere she goes.

No one exemplifies what I believe Sophistication in the 21st Century means more than Saran Kaba Jones. She was what my Great-Grandmother meant when she taught me the meaning of true sophistication. 

Saran Kaba Jones is the Founder and Executive Director of FACE Africa. Originally from Liberia, she is a citizen of the world. Although currently residing in Boston, she has family in Liberia and the Ivory Coast. Having met Saran, and anyone who meets her can tell you that she has class, manners, and polish. There is nothing she says that she doesn't mean. She is calm and reserved and there is nothing that is obnoxious or careless. When she is happiest and most excited, talking about her family, her husband, and her cause she lights up every room that she enters.

She was deeply moved to action to start FACE Africa due to the horrible state the place of her childhood was left in, including a high unemployment rate and deplorable living conditions. 

F.A.C.E. Africa - Fund A Child's Education Africa

"It's all about priorities and balance. Figure out your priorities and then figure out how to balance them." Saran Kaba Jones

Although the acronym of FACE Africa includes education, the team of FACE Africa realized they needed to focus on something more basic. They wanted their focus to make the most impact. What they realized after talking with the people of Liberia is that everything came down to access to clean water. With the many hardships the people of Liberia were facing, how could anyone go to school, find a job, or even live without clean water? 

The idea of FACE Africa is to build wells to bring safe drinking water to the people of Liberia. The organization funds and supports sustainable clean water, sanitation and hygiene projects in Liberia and have a particular interest in empowering young girls and women through access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene - giving them the chance to reap the health, economic and educational benefits.
FACE Africa Project #15- Mendeh Town, Rivercress County (CbC)
A dynamic clean water advocate, Saran continues to win awards and honors for her efforts. She is humble in her success and does not believe she deserves to be honored since her work is far from finished. 

What makes someone Sophisticated? What she does for others and what she shows to others through a positive example of hope. A Sophisticate is the example for others. Not just in what she demonstrates through her actions but what she believes (A Sophisticate Stands Up)

There is fear and doubt for anyone. For a Sophisticate she overcomes her fear (A Sophisticate has No Fear) because she has no doubt. Sophistication means that her focus, her mission, her passion, her heart overcome whatever fear or doubt exists. 

For Saran, there is sacrifice and lots of challenges but there is also support. Every Sophisticate needs the support and love of others to allow for her dreams come true.

A great example of a true Sophisticate is Saran Kaba Jones, an example for all women in the 21st Century. With FACE Africa, she brings a face of hope, love, and relief to a place that most needs help. In the end, a Sophisticate says the impossible is possible in the face hardship, sadness, and devastation and Saran does just that with FACE Africa. ;D