A Sophisticate has Hope

"Hope is not a dream but a way of making dreams become reality” Unknown 

Disney World was always a place that no matter how I was where I was 'Daddy's Little Girl'. With every Disney fairytale my father and I would make a special date to go see it. At one point growing up, I wondered what Disney actually sold. I mean, there was no one particular definable product. What was Walt Disney or Disney built on? Then it occurred to me that the product that Disney has so successfully sold for over 60 years is hope. Walt Disney created a corporation, an enterprise, and what is now considered an empire based on hopes and dreams within ourselves.

With every fairytale or movie he created, the main theme is hope. Hope in a better tomorrow; Hope that love exists and is found; Hope that the good guys win and the bad guys lose; Hope is the belief that whatever dreams you have that they come true. But what does it mean to have hope? Hope is a gift and it comes from years of bad experiences yet, hope itself is an optimistic approach and viewpoint to life. For me, hope is optimism, the belief that the faith you had in something or someone is well founded. Hope is having the confidence, faith, the ability not to give up. Hope is the glimpse of optimism in the face of despair. Hope is the belief that a frog is really a Prince.

Hope is being able to see light, beauty, and happiness when all a person is faced with is darkness and despair. In the face of anything and everything a Sophisticate has confidence, self-assurance, resilience, and most importantly hope. She is optimistic and believes in herself and her abilities. Even in all the bad situations she has been placed in and all of the 'nay-sayers' she still hopes for the best because she believes in the best for herself and the people she loves.

A Sophisticate works hard to increases her chance of being lucky, so why shouldn't she wait and hope for the best? Why shouldn’t she believe that she has a right to hope for the best to happen to her? Hope is a vision of what good could come out of any situation, person or relationship in a person's life. What would we do or have if we didn't have hope? What would we have if we had a negative expectation of every outcome? We would be so sad that we would not want to get out of bed. Hope at the most basic level gives us a reason to get up every morning so that we may contribute to the betterment of ourselves or the lives of others including our loved ones.

A Sophisticate believes that hope has been granted or bestowed to one another. A Sophisticate has a positive attitude even in the worst situations. Even when everything seems like it will never get better and people tell her that it will never get better it is the refusal to believe that everything won't be better tomorrow. A Sophisticate has hope even after she makes a mistake or fails. 

"People make mistakes. But if you ask me, it's the part that comes after that matters. The part where you make it right." Lexie Grey from ‘Grey's Anatomy’ 

Beyond the fact that a Sophisticate has an optimistic approach to life, a Sophisticate has hope because she believes in the best. A Sophisticate believes that the impossible is possible even through her mistakes or situation she is in because she believes in herself. In the end, a Sophisticate has hope because she has the wisdom to know that in the face of darkness nothing is impossible. ;D