Sophisti-Etiquette Tip 2: Attending a Party
"The most important thing is to enjoy your life- to be happy- it's all that matters" Audrey Hepburn 

Everyone loves a party. More importantly everyone loves the idea of a party. Before a party there are expectations and hopes. For a Sophisticate, an outfit must be bought and jewelry to match. 

The one accessory a Sophisticate never does without besides her appreciation is her smile and enthusiasm. Only a Sophisticate knows that a party is an illusion. A party is few hours where she can escape reality and experience the fantasy that the host creates.  

A Sophisticate knows that as a guest the party is for her entertainment.  If she doesn't have a good time then it is her fault. The time when the party is to be held is what she makes of it. A Sophisticate as the host is the director of a scene then a Sophisticate as a guest at a party is the star of the show. Parties are when a Sophisticate has a chance to relax, shine, and meet new people.

Being invited to a party is a privilege never a forgone conclusion. That being the case, a Sophisticate always remembers to bring a gift or something that the host may need. A gift to say 'Thank you' for the invitation is classy. If she decides to stay to the end she offers to help clean up and if she has time she writes a 'Thank you' note or e-mail afterwards (A Sophisticate Writes a Letter) for a wonderful time.

In the end, when a Sophisticate attends a party she brings the fun to the room and a sparkle to the people around her.