A Sophisticate is the Belle of the Ball

"Adornment is never anything except a reflection of the heart" Coco Chanel 

To be sophisticated in the 21st Century means more than being considered strong, tough, or resilient. For a woman, Sophistication means being both a lady and a woman. A Sophisticate never tries too hard to be entertaining or witty. She just is. With her charm her personality is like sparkling champagne. It spills over and provides levity rather than drunkenness or a hangover the next morning.

There are some women who are charming and are able to get their point across. At every party or event you always remember one person. A Sophisticate is that person who becomes the center of attention without trying or without saying a word. When a Sophisticate enters a room she captivates others with her smile. A Sophisticate is unafraid to be kind and warm.

Her smile warms the room like the heat from a fireplace on a cold evening. With her genuine personality she is recognized because of the warmth of her personality, her ability to be genuine, her strength, beauty, and power others flock around her. Maybe, it's because people hope they will catch the effervescence that she radiates.A Sophisticate has effervescence that all cannot only hear in her voice but see on her face and with her personality. A Sophisticate is the woman everyone wants to be around because she makes everyone feel comfortable and at ease when they are around her. One would describe her as lovely. She is attractive because she genuine.

In the end, a Sophisticate is the belle of the ball because she opens her heart for all to see her imperfections, her humanity, her warmth, and her kindness not so that she can be treated like a doormat rather so that she can shine like a diamond.