A Sophisticate in Philadelphia

Life's not about how hard of a hit you can give... it's about how many you can take, and still keep moving forward.”  Sylvester Stallone 'Rocky Balboa'

My first visit to Pennsylvania was when I was looking  at colleges. When I arrived at Villanova, I knew that was the place I wanted to spend the next four years. (A Sophisticate goes to Villanova). The reason was not just the curriculum or the feel of the campus it was the atmosphere (A Sophisticate in the Suburbs). Although, it wasn't until I went to school that I went into city, where something inside of me enjoyed what Philadelphia had to offer. 

Something and everything felt comfortable and somehow right about being there. New York City had my heart, but while driving past Boathouse Row after college I knew Philadelphia was my home. 

Beyond Sophistication what other staples can be found in Philadelphia? Rita's water ice, pretzels, crab fries, and tastykakes. There is the Liberty Bell, Fairmont Park, Philadelphia Art Museum, Waterworks Restaurant, Rittenhouse Square, South Street, 'Old City' where the young professionals go out for drinks. There is landmarks like Pat'sGeno's , and City Hall

New York has Washington Square Park, the Giants (A Sophisticate is a Giants Fan), and the Yankees (A Sophisticate is a Yankees Fan). Philadelphia has the LOVE park, the Phillies. (A Sophisticate is a Phillies Fan), and the Eagles (A Sophisticate is an Eagles Fan)

The Fall is when Philadelphia and  a Sophisticate blooms (A Sophisticate in Autumn). The leaves change color and the sun falls on the leaves as if God himself were painting a masterpiece.The uniqueness of Philadelphia is the history that cannot be found anywhere else. Philadelphia is the birthplace of the United States. 

Every city has legends and traditions, and the movie 'Rocky' (1976) is ours. Running up the Art Museum steps and the song 'Eye of the Tiger' is the soul of the city. For a Sophisticate it her heart and her soul that make Philadelphia her home. In the end, it is her ability to have the eye of the tiger and willingness to never give up in the face of defeat that makes a Sophisticate in Philadelphia. ;D