A Sophisticate is a Lioness

"Fear not we are of the nature of the lion, and cannot descend to the destruction of mice and such small beasts” Elizabeth I 

My twenties were years filled with indecision and trying to ‘figure stuff out’. Was a nine to five job all there was to life? Where do I live? Do I stay on the East Coast or do I move out to the West Coast? Do I buy a townhome now or later? Does this guy think I'm stupid? Why does no one at work take me seriously? My twenties was counting every penny, starving myself, and eating spaghetti every night to buy a new pair of boots.

Getting older provides a Sophisticate the opportunity to be picky, have more focus, chose even better friends, have more confidence, and provide a self-assurance that only age can offer. In the 21st Century, women recognized that we can afford to wait to get married and we are not necessarily our most beautiful selves on the outside or on the inside in our twenties.

A Sophisticate exemplifies the definition of sophistication, as it exists today. We have proved over and over again that we can become just as wealthy as men and have achieved the additional success of raising our children on top of our accomplishments. Although, we have help and support from men it is from the ‘right man’ that elevates our success to further heights.

Who is the ‘right’ man? And when he is found, what should the 'Right’ modern man remember when dealing with a Sophisticate? The ‘right’ man is a personal selection but as a whole, modern men should always keep in mind that the modern woman has her own mind, her own agenda, her own goals, and the capability and ambition to make them happen. The modern man should always keep in mind that the modern Woman is exactly like him and would like to be treated exactly the way he would like to be treated.

A Sophisticate chooses a man that understands that she is no less important, no less emotional or more emotional, and certainly no less ambitious in her goals either at home or in her career. No longer do women want to be treated as if they a ‘special’ animal or breed. No longer does she want to be treated with 'kid gloves', like a pet, or like a fine piece of porcelain that might break at any moment. She is and has been broken and will continue to come back better than ever.

In the 21st Century, a Sophisticate is part of a new generation who continually evolve through lived experiences. As a Sophisticate grows older the advice from the women who came before us, their successes and failures are remembered and built upon on with grace, maturity, confidence and beauty. 

Feminism in the 21st Century is confidence. It is confidence that is shown but never proven to anyone nor declared out loud. A Sophisticate is strong, aware of her abilities and her sex appeal. A Sophisticate is a natural born hunter and mothers at the same time. At any age, a Sophisticate is ambitious yet, caring.

I am woman, hear me Roar" song by Helen Reddy

With the love from her family, the support from her husband, and the money she has in her pocket a Sophisticate can succeed in her goals and in her challenges. In the end, a Sophisticate is a lioness because she has regality and privilege of being the ‘Queen of the Jungle’ and the resources to enjoy life and succeed in her own right as she looks for and finds her own special ‘King’. ;D