A Sophisticate Wears Anna's Jewelry Design's

CEO of Anna's Jewelry Deisgns
Anna Chinnici Servati

"Life is too short to buy department-store, mass-produced jewelry." Anna Chinnici Servati

For some Sophisticate's when they are little, there is nothing they love more than to play dress-up. For them there is nothing more exciting than pretending to be all grown-up and beautiful as she puts on lipstick, her beautiful hat, her high heels, and of course, the finishing touches…..her necklace and other jewelry pieces.

For a woman in the 21st Century, her accessories are her crown (A Sophisticate is a Queen; A Sophisticate is a Princess) and those accents enhance her existing beauty. The outfit for a Sophisticate is not complete without a necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Her accessories transform an outfit into something spectacular, adding sparkle to her personality, and reflects how she feels.

Her name on Twitter is @Phillyanna and nothing could describe her or her personality more perfectly. Anna Chinnici Servati, owner and personal designer of Anna's Jewelry Designs has a personality that bursts with positive energy. The optimism she has within is contagious and can be seen and felt by everyone around her. Born in Italy and raised in upstate New York, she now represents the best of Philadelphia.

“If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” John Wooden, Hall of Fame basketball player/coach.

This is one of Anna’s favorite quotes because it reflects her company’s standards and her own personal goal to provide great quality and value to her customers. Anna says, “It's a good reminder that rushing through something might save you time right now, but it'll ultimately take you more time to do it over if there are problems. Saving time is great when it doesn't come at a cost, but when you run the risk of making mistakes by taking the shortest route you're not really saving time at all.”

Naturally creative, her inspiration comes from within. Sometimes, the semi-precious stones she uses inspire a design. Other times, she has a definite design and look in mind and searches for the perfect supplies to create her artwork. That is what her jewelry pieces are……wearable art.

How did her journey begin? A group of friends were getting together to make jewelry. Knowing that she was creative and enjoyed making handmade things, they invited Anna to join them. Whenever she wore her custom-made pieces, she got many compliments and positive reactions from both friends and strangers who would ask her to make them something special. She started selling at craft fairs and art shows to see how her pieces would sell and that was when Anna's Jewelry Designs was born. In addition to her seasonal collections, she offers custom-designed jewelry and home trunk shows.

What makes her jewelry so Sophisticated? Beyond the fact that she weaves the ropes of beads into an elegant look, she designs them with much love and care. The jewelry she creates is elegant but can be worn every day.  Individualistic and creative, each piece she creates matches the person's style and personality. Anna says, “Women are multifaceted and unique. And jewelry is intensely personal. It is an expression of your personality and feelings. Anna’s Jewelry Designs creates beautiful jewelry for the business you, the playful you, the elegant you, the sexy you, the sophisticated you…for all the unique facets of you…” Her jewelry pieces become the person who wears them.

A Sophisticate is the art work that she wears. In the end, she is the beauty that is best represented by Anna's Jewelry Designs ;D