A Sophisticate Believes

"The hard days are the best days because that is when champions are made" Gabby Douglas

Believing is hard. Believing is when a Sophisticate hits rock bottom and  has lost everything. Belief is when she is alone and no one is there to  help pick her up when she has been knocked down. (A Sophisticate is a Failure)

Belief is when a Sophisticate develops an inner strength in herself and others.Belief is facing reality, knowing the truth, having trust,  and being courageous. Belief is when a Sophisticate dares to have a vision of something better. 

"The secret to having it all… is knowing you already do" Unknown

A Sophisticate knows that belief is different than confidence. 

Confidence is short term, belief is long term. 
Confidence is ego and mental, belief is emotional and heartfelt.
Confidence is developed, belief is found. 
Confidence is temporary, belief is permanent. 

She knows that belief is much more important, goes much deeper, and is much more special. Belief is half being.

A Sophisticate is imperfect. She falls in love when someone recognizes, understands, and loves her for the truth. They love her regardless of her imperfections. She falls in love when when someone has the same belief in her as she does in herself. 

A Sophisticate is strong enough to face the hard truths of reality (A Sophisticate is Brave). A Sophisticate has the courage enough to believe in others abilities as much as she believes in her own abilities. A Sophisticate believes because she won't give up in the face of failure (A Sophisticate is Resilient). 

In the end, a Sophisticate isn't confident, she believes. ;D