A Sophisticate Laughs

“To succeed in life you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone” Reba McEntire

A Sophisticate has a sense of humor. She laughs at herself when she makes a mistake, does not take herself too seriously, and she has a smile that warms up a room. She has a contagious laugh that comes from her heart that creates an atmosphere of fun and happiness to all that are lucky enough to be near her.

When my mom was first diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer, there was nothing but tears and sadness. She was not expected to live longer than a year at most and for the first two years there were nights where I would just break into tears. Each time I saw her we would have long conversations about what was past and there were apologies and hugs.

After saying what we always wanted to say to each other and crying for almost two years my father told my mom and I that the crying and sadness was officially over. That it was time for laughter not tears. We decided not to watch any movies that were going to make us cry but only those that were going to make us laugh. For my mom's next birthday, my father got my mother a series DVD’s that he knew that she was going to make her laugh. His sense of humor has allowed my mother to continue to laugh these past seven years.

A Sophisticate knows that laughter is what creates a strong bond between two people. What I learned through my mom’s illness and the relationship between my parents is that the one element that will keep you alive even when the odds are against you is laughter.

In the end, no matter what the situation, a Sophisticate always has the last laugh. ;D