A Sophisticated Fairytale: The Frog and the Princess

Everyone knows the tale of 'The Frog Prince' and 'The Princess and the Frog' but does anyone know about the 'The Frog and the Princess'? Here is a Sophisticated Fairytale about dating. In the 21st Century, a Sophisticate has to kiss a lot of frogs before she finds the right one.

Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away lived a wise and intelligent King and a wise and kind Queen. They had daughter who was the Princess. She was intelligent and beautiful but she was also lonely. 

As the King and Queen grew older they worried about the throne and who would rule the Kingdom. It seemed that she was bored with each Prince she was introduced to and one day they told her that they were concerned about what was to happen to her if they ever died. They then told her she must find a Prince within a fortnight.

Around the same time, an old beggar woman had come into the town looking for some food and shelter. She knocked on every door and received the same cold response at each place "I'm sorry but we cannot help you." or  "Go away or we will have you driven off". 

It seemed to her that it was the men who were the most cruel to her. Finally, when the last house in the village denied her food and shelter she had decided to place a horrible curse on the town. The old beggar woman who was also a  wicked witch turned all of the men into frogs. 

It would take a kiss from a Princess to return them to being human. 

The witch disappeared. The Princess knew that she had to take over the Kingdom in her fathers place. She was informed of the curse that was now her duty to break, the Princess looked out of her window and wondered how she was going to kiss all of the frogs. It seemed like it would take forever and she wondered if any of them would turn into her Prince Charming. 

The first frog she kissed remained a frog. It seemed strange but she continued onto the next frog. Then, she continued to kiss each and every frog with no better results. Each frog that she kissed either was married or ended up turning into something that she knew she was not interested in or that was not right for her.  He was either too young, too immature too lazy, too skinny, too tall, too overweight, too focused on ruling a Kingdom, too old, or one happened to be a Prince who happen to be visiting the day the witch put a curse on the village and was betrothed to another Princess in a nearby Kingdom. 

After awhile she began to become frustrated and depressed."How many frogs do I have to kiss before I find my Prince Charming?" she asked herself.

Finally, it came down to two frogs. She felt tired, sad, and disappointed. She she kissed a hundred of them all of whom were wrong for her. Without hope she gathered her strength and realized there was only one more frog left. As she looked at the last frog she realized it was the first one she had kissed who had remained a frog. 

As she gave the frog a second look she noticed the frog's face and his eyes. He looked at her sweetly but looked a little sad, too. The same sadness that she seemed to have because of her disappointment in not finding her Prince Charming.  

After resolving herself to ruling the Kingdom alone she had nothing left to lose and decided to kiss him one last time. What happened, next? Well, he turned into the Prince Charming she had been searching for and they lived Happily Ever After. 

The End