A Sophisticate is a Pirate

Ching Shih
"It matters not how strait the gate, 
     How charged with punishments the scroll,
 I am the master of my fate,
     I am the captain of my soul" 'Invictus' 
                                               by William Ernest Henley

When I first rode the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' ride at Disney world, I was strangely fascinated as  I watched the scenes unfold around me. The scenes were of reckless abandon, selfishness or the freedom to do whatever a person pleased. Imagine if I were a Pirate? I could do whatever I wanted with no fear. My only objectives in life would be seeking out and obtaining the pleasures of my heart and purse utilizing whatever means necessary to achieve those objectives. Instead of being the victim, I could be the one who was feared. 

Adventure. Danger. Love. Anger. Revenge. Money. All of these words can be traced back to one word, passion.  Passion is the light that illuminates the darkness of uncertainty.

As a child, a Sophisticate is told to be nice, slow down, be patient, and limit her desires. As an adult she must learn be aggressive, selfish, and ten steps ahead of everyone else to survive and succeed.  The more equality and opportunities a woman is given the more she must learn how to handle them. With the opportunities provided to women, my father did not want me to go to an all girls school. Academically, he wanted me to learn how to compete with men. 

A Sophisticate in the 21st Century might be given more opportunities than ever before but now is her job to utilize those opportunities to achieve results.   Opportunities may be open to her but she still has to prove that she deserves to have those opportunities. 

"Beyond this place of wrath and tears
   Looms but the Horror of the shade, 
And yet the menace of the years
   Finds and shall find me unafraid" 'Invictus' by William Ernest Henley

A Sophisticate is a pirate because she has no fear. A Sophisticate knows whenever she is passionate there will be obstacles thrown in her way. For a Sophisticate those obstacles are merely challenges or a test to see how badly she really wants to achieve what she is passionate about. A Sophisticate is a pirate because she is ready to face danger. 

A Sophisticate has manners but when being put in charge of projects she must be aggressive and focused when achieving results. The female pirates that existed like Anne Bonny, Ching Shah, Grace O'Malley, and Queen Teuta of Illyria defied convention during their time. Ching Shah commanded over 1800 ships and 80,000 men, women, and children as good as any generals at the time who were men.

At that time the only way for a Sophisticate to be a captain, to lead, and to have her freedom was to be a criminal or be a pirate. A Sophisticate has integrity. When she feels as though she has to lie, cheat, or steal to get ahead then situation must be looked at objectively and fairly to understand. 

A Sophisticate is imperfect and at times a sinnerHer vices come from her desire to be happy. Her desire to be happy  makes her passionate for freedom and adventure. 

What makes a Sophisticate unique is that she can distinguish the difference between passion and emotion. Passion is energy that is drawn from love directed towards a purpose. Emotions are feelings that are logical and can't be rationalized. Passion distinguishes her  to be recognized by others as a leader.

A Sophisticate is a pirate not because she is first mate but because she is Captain. She is a leader.  With intelligence she takes charge with an animal like ferocity and cunning so that she can prove to others the opportunities provided her were no accident.

A Sophisticate is a pirate because she has passion. Passion for treasure, money, love, freedom, adventure and most of all to be the Captain of her own life ;D