How to be a Sophisticate in the 21st Century

There is How to be Sophisticated and then there is "How to be a Sophisticate in the 21st Century". The difference is that a Sophisticate is a special individual who recognizes that it is what found on the inside is more important than what is worn on the outside.

1 Be different or unique. Don't be different to stand out. Be your authentic self.

2 Be your authentic self. Be true to yourself. Be honest with yourself and others

3 Don't compete. Be confident. Never worry about what everyone else is doing. Be the 'star' in your life story not the supporting actor. 

Give to others with without expectation of return. Give others kindness and gifts because in your heart you want to and never because you expect gratitude, appreciation, or even a 'Thank you'

5 Smile.

6 Have manners. Know that it is not your outfit rather it is your kindness and compassion you show to others that make you stand out in a crowd.  

7 Do what you want to do within reason. Do what you enjoy doing and make you happy without causing or doing harm to others.

8 Be resilient. Try and take advantage of opportunities without fear. Know that you have the confidence to succeed in spite of failure. Understand that failure happens and it is merely a pause in the achievement of your goals. 

9 Be grateful. Appreciate what you have. Count your blessings everyday. Realize that each day and each kindness is a gift. 

10  Love. Forgive. Give love. Even when it's hard, give love. Understand everyone is fighting their own battles. Everyone everyday needs reassurance that life or people are not as bad as they may seem for a particular moment in time.