A Sophisticate Belongs

"The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where  we can go as we are not to be questioned" Maya Angelou
Everyone is familiar with the popular sayings ‘Home Sweet Home’, ‘There’s no place like home’, and ‘Home is where your Heart is'. Home is where you belong and are accepted unconditionally. What is home? How would you define your home? How would you define being happy? Would you say that being happy means that your home or when you are happy then you are home?
I moved eight times before going to college and from the time I was 13 years old to the time I was 18 years old I had been in three different schools in two different states. My parents and I moved into our last house two weeks before I left for college. Overall, the longest I had lived in one house was five years. Unfortunately, growing up I never felt like I had somewhere that I could call home. To add to the situation no matter where I had lived I always felt like I didn’t belong. In some cases, that feeling was because I let the way people treated me dictate my self worth. Unfortunately, my happiness depended solely on other people.
In High School, I had moved from New York to Tennessee. When I was 14 I met a girl who was from Chicago. There were many times when we would talk about how unhappy we were because we were homesick. One day we were hanging outside and I asked her ‘Do you think you would be happier if you were living back in Chicago?’ She looked and me and said ‘It doesn’t matter whether I’m in Chicago or Tennessee, if I’m not happy with myself I’ll never be happy anywhere.’ For our age, I thought her response was insightful, mature, and very true.
The benefit of moving around was that I was able to discover who I was by exploring different aspects of my personality based the many different cultures found in the places I had been living. Sophomore year of college had shown me that I still had one more version or revision of myself that I needed to explore before I figured what I wanted to do with the rest of my life and become the person I am today.
In the 21st Century, you have to be true to yourself to survive and succeed. Therefore, every Sophisticate knows that she needs to constantly create, revise, and explore who she is as a person. The fortunate part is that we are living longer so there is time to explore and no immediate rush to find out who we are. A Sophisticate knows that her home is more than where her home exists.  
Where is home for a Sophisticate? Where she exists. The love a Sophisticate has for herself allows her to belong. The key to happiness for a Sophisticate is not what she has or what she buys or where she lives. The key to happiness for a Sophisticate is who she is and whether she accepts herself. 
In the end, where does a Sophisticate belong? A Sophisticate belongs wherever she may be and is the happiest with herself. ;D