A Sophisticate Goes to Body Restoration Spa

Over the years, I've been fortunate to experience and go to many salons and spas. Some have been good experiences, some were mediocre, and some were horrible.  The main reason I go to a salon is to relax and for them to help me with what I can't do myself. If the salon doesn't accomplish one of those goals, then I never go back to them. Most salons and spas satisfy one of the two criteria I have for a good salon/spa.

A Sophisticate makes herself feel better by having confidence. For a Sophisticate it is what on the inside that matters. Still, a Sophisticate always tries to put the best forward. Sometimes confidence is gained by a Sophisticate looking and feeling the best on the outside. When I was looking for waxing services,  I was looking for a professional. 

Waxing is painful. It is very important to have a professional to make the experience better. How do you find a good place? I tried many with mostly horrible results. Finally, I went to google.com and put 'Best waxing in Philadelphia'. Three salons came up during my search. When  I clicked on Body Restoration I was immediately impressed. You can tell a lot from a business by their web site.  Body Restoration had diagrams and explanation of all of their services. 

This impressed me. Again, I go to a salon because I hope they can give me advice and make me beautiful based on my limited experience of making myself outwardly beautiful. The description made it easy when scheduling my appointment. It was easy from the beginning.

I've experienced their waxing and massage services. Both were unparalleled. What makes Body Restoration better than the rest is that the atmosphere is comfortable. There are no white uniforms like you would find in hospital. 

How many times have you gone to a salon and by the third or fourth time when they know they have you as a client does the service get worse? The best part of Body Restoration is that their services are repeatable. The women that work there because the spa is owned and run by women are kind, appropriate, and not judgmental. 

Also, a Sophisticate goes to Body Restoration because is open seven days a week. They are not closed on Mondays or Sundays or Mondays. This means that a Sophisticate can schedule an appointment when it is convenient for her.

Cara Solomon, Principal of Body Restoration
The owner Cara Solomon is also there seven days a week. If she decides not to come to work she calls in. She also takes clients. Her ownership is by example. Lovely and ambitious she went through coaching to make her spa one of the best or the best in Philadelphia. 

An independent woman with a passion for beauty and performing beauty services correctly embody the excellent services that are found at Body Restoration.

Why does a Sophisticate go to Body Restoration? Why would Body Restoration be considered Sophisticated in the 21st Century? Body Restoration with an owner who has a vision for comfort and beauty, the professionalism of the staff, and the consistent excellent service constitute true class in Philadelphia and most other cities. In the end, this Sophisticate will be a client of Body Restoration forever. ;D