Breaking the Terror Barrier
"Sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it." From the movie 'We Bought a Zoo' (2011) 

A Sophisticate is fearless (A Sophisticate has No Fear) yet, I wasn't. Throughout my life people would describe me as not being afraid of anything. Someone once described me  as someone who would 'wipe off the brick dust off my shoulders'. 

Professionally, when it came to obstacles, challenges, in my professional life I would tackle them with a certain level of focus and ferocity. Yet, they were all in trying to prove myself. There came a point professionally where I was suddenly given opportunities and I suddenly froze. Fortunately, those opportunities  didn't stop, they kept coming. Unfortunately, neither did my increasing fear and doubt in myself. If I was going to listen to my inner voice and be Sophisticate in the Suburbs (The Self Image of a Sophisticate) I knew I had to be fearless. But how?

With Andy Kostow and his continual reminder that we become what we think about and feel about all day. I was never fearless because I was indecisive. Why was I indecisive? My poor self-image was a result of my insecurity. With my improved self-image after going through the process of Lesson  6:Environment is but our Looking Glass, I was no longer feeling indecisive. 

Feeling more and more self assured I realized that being indecisive was the wall  or 'terror barrier' keeping me from being free to reaching my potential. How do I melt the 'frozen' fear of indecision? Like in the Disney movie, 'Frozen' (2013) the main character Elsa realized that only love can melt a frozen heart. The frozen heart was mine. Loving myself more I am confident and optimistic to realize that I'm a great person. I know I can handle anything and focus on having only positive thoughts that will allow only good things to happen or result in my life. 

As if the universe wanted me to be free (A Sophisticate is Free) situations presented themselves that made me realize that my fear was causing negative situations in my life. Only by breaking that terror barrier was going to allow me to reach my goals aka my dreams

According to Bob Proctor, for a person to change their results they must change their paradigm, and that requires strong conscious control over their thinking. Whenever you think of making a dramatic change, anything out of the norm, you are going to run head first into a wall of fear and because in 99 percent of the cases the person involved lacks an awareness of how the mind functions,  and why they are experiencing this fear, they retreat and go back to their old programing and continue to do the things they always did.

"Fear is a sign - usually a sign that I'm doing something right" Erica Jong 

Fear and growth go hand in hand. When you courageously face the thing you fear, you automatically experience the growth you have been seeking.  Do not permit old conditioning to prevent you from performing new acts in an efficient manner, or from enjoying that which is your birthright.

Throughout the two weeks whenever I hit the terror barrier, I re-read the screenplay I wrote for Lesson 6: Environment is but our Looking Glass. As I read my screenplay I reminded myself of the person and self-image that I wanted for myself within the year. The only way for me to achieve that self-image and vision of my future I had to break through my fear.

In the end, breaking through the terror barrier has made my life increasingly better. I'm busier then ever, am buying a new house. With one fearless decision  I can start to achieve my goals and live my dream or at least one of them. ;D