Defying Logic 
"Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it” Maya Angelou

The first day I was supposed to start Lesson 3 ‘Your Infinite Mind’ of Thinking into Results my behavior changed. The awareness of not wanting to allow negativity into my life whether it be self imposed or imposed by someone else, my increased amount of confidence, as well as the conscious ‘knowing-doing’ lesson come into play. The person who experienced my new behavior pattern didn’t know at first how to react. The result was positive.

Paradigms are what structures a person’s logic. The goal of Lesson Three ‘Your Infinite Mind’ was to change my Paradigms a.k.a. defy my existing logic.

Paradigms is a term used to describe a mass information that is programmed into an individual’s subconscious mind, genetically at the moment of conception and then environmentally after birth. This information or the paradigm, is then expressed in behavioral patters producing the results a person gets in life.

“If you change nothing, nothing will change” Anonymous

After the knowing-doing gap and writing down my non-productive actions, the third lesson took it a step further. With Lesson 3 it wasn’t just being able to recognize my non-productive actions but to make sure those non-productive actions were erased forever. My productive actions now had to be ingrained in my consciousness.

How would I do that?

I had to burn the negative results. The act of burning or ripping the past negative results or behavior was symbolic of saying  good-bye forever to the results I no longer want. The focus is now on  my positive result. A positive result that through repetition and belief that I want consciously and subconsciously will be reflected through my actions to achieve the results I want.

Before Lesson 3 I had watched all 12 DVD lessons so before I started Lesson 3 I knew what the next one was going to be. Therefore, I bought about 300 index cards. I wrote down my negative result on one card and the positive result on the other card. Then, I destroyed forever my negative results.

At first I had a standard notebook and was just repeatedly writing over my positive results over and over again. Talking with Andy he coached me and told me that it’s more than just that but I had to see it, feel it, and want it with my heart each time I wrote it down. So, I bought a journal with a heart on the cover. It was symbolic of whatever was in that journal was what I truly wanted in my heart. I had my favorite pen and started writing. Now, it comes down to developing the discipline of doing it every morning.

"I'm through accepting limits 'cuz someone said there's so. Some things I cannot change. But till I try I'll never know" Elphaba from the Broadway musical 'Wicked'

During this process I’ve gotten an increased level of energy. My goals written down for myself are achieved now with ease and so fast I don’t believe it. I have noticed I have started attracting people in my life that are close to and symbolic of  the goals that I hope to achieve.

The interesting part was that two events occurred where I had to make a choice both personally and professionally. How did I know what to choose or what I want? I have my goal card from the first lesson. If my choices don’t coincide with what is on that goal card then I know my decision and my choice is easy. ;D