The Knowing-Doing Gap
“We are what we repeatedly do” Aristotle

Years ago, I took the Stephen R Covey Seminar. During that seminar I learned about what it meant to experience a paradigm shift. Interestingly enough, it was a paradigm shift that inspired Charles Dickens to write ‘A Christmas Carol’.  To my understanding a paradigm shift was about a shift in one’s perspective. Literally, being taken out of one course of thinking and placed into another. Sort of like a change in perspective only bigger. It is a change in perspective that alters your reality. During the Seminar, I only learned what a paradigm shift was and the recognition of when it happens. In Lesson 2  of ‘Thinking into Results’  titled  ‘The Knowing-Doing Gap’ I learned about paradigm shifts and how to start utilizing my thoughts to get what I want.

Do you do things you don’t want to do , get results you don’t want , but do it anyway? It’s our programing or paradigms or that makes us of what we do. Our programming paradigms in our subconscious mind  controls our actions or behaviors.

When you use and develop the mental muscle or your intellectual faculties, you are able to focus on a new habit to achieve your goal.
Your mind and thoughts create the feelings that enable you to take the right action to produce the results you want. Our mind controls our habits. Your body just does what the mind tells it to do.

We are thinking into results in every moment.

Therefore, your thoughts need to be constantly focused on what you want at all times. When you focus your thoughts on what you want your subconscious will follow and your actions will yield the results you want.

As part of the exercise, I had to write down my ‘Productive Actions’ versus my ‘Non-Productive Actions’. Doing it once will start me in the habit of doing it on a routine basis. At the end of each week, I write down all of the ‘Productive Actions’ that will help me achieve my goals. At the end of each day, I review and speak aloud the goals I have set for myself and write down all of those ‘Non-Productive Actions’ of the day. As each day goes by, my ‘Non-Productive Actions’ should become shorter and shorter. This list will help train and focus my thoughts to create new behaviors and a new reality. ;D